Papers, 1685-[1919].


Matlack family. Papers, 1685-[1919].

Papers, 1685-[1919].

Correspondence, genealogical notes and notebooks, account books, diaries, commonplace books, poetry, map, land records, Meeting records, and other papers chiefly related to the Quaker Matlack, Stackhouse and Roberts families of New Jersey and Pennsylvania; much of collection consists of genealogical material gathered by Asa Matlack (1783-1851) and Asa Matlack Stackhouse (1845-1916) on the Matlack, Stackhouse, Roberts, Romig, Lippincott, Thorn, Heulings, Hunt and related families, includes unpublished mss. "Genealogical notes of the Matlack family ..." compiled by Asa Matlack Stackhouse; correspondence includes approx. 140 letters (1853-1888) of Tacie E. Gillingham chiefly to Robert and Ann R. Stackhouse on family matters; also letters of Elizabeth Roberts Cooper, Ann R. Stackhouse, Ella J. Stackhouse, Mary P. Stackhouse and others; diaries and farm account book of Mordecai Matlack (1808-1896); ledger (1816-1838) of Asa Matlack; commonplace books of Tamar Matlack, Ann R. Stackhouse; travel diary (1807) of Thomas Lippincott. Material related to history of Society of Friends includes records of Chester Preparative Meeting (N.J.), Evesham Monthly Meeting and Chester Monthly Meeting (N.J.), copies of Elias Hicks' letters and extracts of articles about him, copies of writings of John Hunt, also transcripts of "Satan's harbinger encountered ... by C.P. [Caleb Pusey]," (1700) and "George Keith's journal of travels ... on the continent of North America" (1706), map "Meetings within the limits of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting" (1897); published and unpublished mss. of Asa M. Stackhouse on various aspects of western New Jersey colonial history including medicine, Col. Thomas Matlack, Burlington County history; copies of Burlington County (N.J.) land records.

ca. 750 items.

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Matlack, Timothy, 1736-1829 (person)

Revolutionary patriot. From the description of Document signed : [Philadelphia], to Thomas Nicholson, 1795 Apr. 27. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270874656 Timothy Matlack was a revolutionary soldier and Pennsylvania state official. He was elected to the American Philosophical Society in 1780. From the description of Account book, 1783-1800. (American Philosophical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 86165458 From the guide to the Timothy Matlack acco...

Stackhouse family. (family)

Stackhouse, Mary P. (person)

Heulings family. (family)

Hunt family. (family)

Stackhouse, Ann R. (Ann Roberts), 1810-1893. (person)

Matlack, Tamar, 1783-1850. (person)

Matlock family. (family)

Matlack, Asa, 1783-1851. (person)

Lippincott family. (family)

Lippincott, Thomas (person)

Hicks, Elias, 1748-1830 (person)

Elias Hicks (1748-1830) was an eminent Quaker minister from Jericho, Long Island, N.Y. He was a farmer, partner in a tannery, and had a knowledge of surveying. In 1771, he married Jemima Seaman, daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Willis) Seaman. Hicks was recognized as a minister in 1779 and during the next fifty years, made sixty-three visits as a traveling Friend to meetings in the United States. In the 1820s, a religious controversy within the Society of Friends which focused on Hicks' minis...

Cooper, Elizabeth Roberts, 1843-1904. (person)

Keith, George, 1639?-1716 (person)

George Keith was founder of "Christian Quakers." Surveyor-general of New Jersey to run boundary between East and West Jersey. In 1700 entered Anglican church and served in America as agent of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. Francis Nicholson was colonial governor of Virginia, Maryland and South Carolina. From the description of Benefactions of Francis Nicholson, Esqr. to the Church & Clergy in North America. (College of William & Mary). WorldCa...

Hunt, John, 1740-1824 (person)

John Hunt was born in 1740, the son of Robert and Abigail (Wood) Hunt of New Jersey. His father was a first cousin to the John Woolman (1720-1772). In 1763, John Hunt married Esther Warrington in the Chester meeting house, under the supervision of Evesham Monthly Meeting. He was a Quaker minister for more than 50 years and died in 1824. From the description of Papers, 1770-1828. (Swarthmore College). WorldCat record id: 57202262 ...

Matlack, Mordecai, 1808-1896. (person)

Stackhouse, Ella J., b. 1846. (person)

Stackhouse, A. M. (Asa Matlack), 1845-1916 (person)

Thorne family. (family)

Pusey, Caleb, 1650?-1727 (person)

Roberts family. (family)

Matlack family. (family)

Asa Matlack (1783-1851) m. Tamar Roberts (1783-1850). Their children were Mordecai Matlack (1808-1896), Asa Matlack, and Ann Roberts Matlack (1810-1893). Ann m. Robert Stackhouse (1801-1881). Ann and Robert's son was Asa Matlack Stackhouse (1845-1916) who m. Ella Jane Romig. From the description of Papers, 1685-[1919]. (Haverford College Library). WorldCat record id: 28717688 ...

Romig family. (family)

Gillingham, Tacie E. (Tacie Elizabeth), 1838-1919. (person)