An account of the many fine seats of noblemen etc. I have seen with other observations made during my residence in [southern] England [manuscript], 1763 December 23.


An account of the many fine seats of noblemen etc. I have seen with other observations made during my residence in [southern] England [manuscript], 1763 December 23.

The record of a trip which the writer began on October 27, 1762, when he sailed from Dublin with his parents. He spent much of his time in Oxford and was presented with a degree ad eundem in order to hear the lectures of Blackstone. He passed through Stratford-upon-Avon and in London saw Garrick in the role of Abel Drugger and of Lear (p. 36). He describes in some detail the landscaping of the country houses he saw and occasionally adds an illustration. On p. 19 he refers to a line of poetry as by his [great] uncle [Thomas Parnell], hence the attribution of this work to Sir John. The narrative breaks off abruptly.

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