Walter Wagner Faw family papers, 1819-1956, bulk 1889-1940.


Walter Wagner Faw family papers, 1819-1956, bulk 1889-1940.

Personal, legal, and business papers of Walter Wagner Faw and his family. Contains correspondence, accounts, diaries, genealogical data, legal briefs, dockets, unpublished judicial opinions, memorabilia, clippings, photographs, and writings. Family correspondence is primarily that of Judge Faw and his wife, Mattie Kernan Faw. General correspondence is largely concerned with Judge Faw's law practice and judicial career, as well as several farms he owned and operated in Tennessee and Florida. Correspondents in this series include J.H. Akin, Hu C. Anderson, Joseph W. Byrns, Newton Cannon, Jr., Charles T. Cates, Prentice Cooper, Thad A. Cox, R.H. Crockett, Arthur Crownover, John H. DeWitt, R.E. Donnelly, Isaac Harr, Cordell Hull, Harnett T. Kane, Estes Kefauver, Kenneth D. McKellar, W.A. Owen, L.P. Padgett, Austin Peay, Hal E. Portrum, LeRoy Reeves, A.H. Roberts, J.D. Senter, and Fred T. Wilson. There are also many letters from C.J. Broyles, J.A. Summers, N.J. Wagner, and George T. White, who were relatives and with whom Judge Faw had business dealings. After his retirement in 1940, Faw took up genealogical research. There are three boxes of genealogical materials on the Faw, Hardeman, and related families. The legal documents series includes the incorporation papers of the towns of Franklin and Summertown, Tennessee.

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Faw family. (family)

DeWitt, John H. (John Hibbett), 1872-1937 (person)

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Cates, Charles T. (Charles Theodore), 1863-1938 (person)

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Faw, Walter Wagner, 1867-1956 (person)

Tennessee State Representative, 1905-1907; Assistant State Attorney General, 1905-1913; Special Judge, Tennessee Supreme Court, 1914; Judge, Tennessee Court of Appeals, 1918-1940; Presiding Judge, Tennessee Court of Appeals, 1923-1940. From the description of Walter Wagner Faw family papers, 1819-1956, bulk 1889-1940. (Tennessee State Library & Archives). WorldCat record id: 27670632 ...

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