David D. Dominick papers, 1940-1973 (bulk 1964-1973).


Dominick, David D., 1937-. David D. Dominick papers, 1940-1973 (bulk 1964-1973).

David D. Dominick papers, 1940-1973 (bulk 1964-1973).

Collection consists of Dominick's administrative files while serving with the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency, documenting many areas of environmental concern during the late 1960s and early 1970s and the beginnings of the EPA. File materials include correspondence, reports, memorandums, press releases, agendas, studies, surveys, interviews, and speeches. Topics addressed include environmental legislation, enforcement of regulations, hazardous materials, solid waste, water quality, toxic substances, ocean dumping, radiation and atomic energy, pesticides, predator control, noise pollution, petroleum pollution, radon, nuclear and thermal power plants, and program planning and operations of the FWQA and EPA. There are also audio tapes of CWPCA meetings for 1969-1970. There is material relating to the EPA's involvement in various states most notably in Alaska with the oil pipeline, Michigan, and Washington, and in Puget Sound, the Potamac River, and the Great Lakes. In addition, there is information on the EPA's relationship with other agencies including the National Park Service, the Coast Guard, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Atomic Energy Commission, and the Student Council on Pollution and the Environment. There are also files relating to violations of regulations by various corporations.

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