University of New Brunswick : 1951. 1951 Jan. 18 - Dec. 28.


University of New Brunswick : 1951. 1951 Jan. 18 - Dec. 28.

Letters, memos and tickets relating to: transfer of residence from Alumnae Society to UNB; early scholarship winner, forestry graduate W.W. Hierlihy; list of Beaverbrook entrance scholars who did not study at UNB and their achievements; UNB War Memorial Trust Fund and construction of a memorial student centre; possibility of setting up an alumni annual giving program; Brunswickan articles dealing with Beaverbrook's visit to the new library and his gift of a building to the law school (Nov. 21, 1951); Drama Society and their presentation of three one act plays (The Twelve-Pound Look, If Men Played Cards as Women Do, Overlaid); finances; revision of UNB Act; graduate school in arts and sciences and establishment of Chancellor's Graduate Fellowship Fund; Beaverbrook Graduate Scholarships in Chemistry; (CONTINUES). (CONTINUED) invitation to the first UNB graduate school dinner; extension of Richard W. Keirstead's overseas scholarship; possible honorary degree recipients; proposed school of music for Saint John; possible enlargement and extension of Hickey Scholarships; problems encountered by Parker Hickey over Quebec Succession Tax; reorganization of Beaverbrook Scholarship scheme and appointments to the selection committee.

Correspondence : 55 (61 leaves)

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