U.N.B. Books - Dr. Bailey : 1951. 1950 Jan. 2 - 1951 Sept. 28.


U.N.B. Books - Dr. Bailey : 1951. 1950 Jan. 2 - 1951 Sept. 28.

Correspondence, book lists, memos, soundscribers, catalogues, certificates of posting, export licences and price lists relating to the acquisition of books for the University of New Brunswick Library (Bonar Law Bennett Library). Also discussed is the process and price involved in stamping "Beaverbrook Collection" on books donated by Lord Beaverbrook; preparations for and success of the opening of the Bonar Law Bennett Library Wing; Bonar Law and Lloyd George papers and portraits; procedures for handling duplicate books; the need for new furniture and equipment in the library; the donation of books by various people including Life Magazine's gift of an album of pictures taken of Beaverbrook during the opening of the new library wing and the practice of exchanging, instead of purchasing, books with American universities (Yale and Iowa State). (CONTINUES). (CONTINUED) Mention is made of Dr. Bailey's leave of absence; his request to Premier McNair for New Brunswick newspapers covering the years 1927-1939 and his search for Peter Mitchell papers and relics. Samples of bookplates and labels are included in the file.

Correspondence : 481 (741 leaves)

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