Correspondence with Miss Louise Manny : 1956. 1956 Aug. 11 - Dec. 12.


Manny, Louise, 1890-1970. Correspondence with Miss Louise Manny : 1956.

Correspondence with Miss Louise Manny : 1956. 1956 Aug. 11 - Dec. 12.

Letters, memos, notes and reports relating to: Lord Beaverbrook's attempts to acquire Peter Mitchell memorabilia, as well as furniture formerly owned by other great men of the Miramichi; comments on the life and career of Mitchell; a statement listing furniture (and its value) procured by Lord Beaverbrook. Historical notes on some of these items are included as well as on the local area. The file also contains notes relating to the donation of a pipe organ to St. James (Presbyterian Church); the Cunard family and the ship "Sword Fish" (1844) and a history of Harkins Academy summarized from the Union Advocate. Beaverbrook's financial donation to the Old Manse Library for the purchase of records and texts of plays for the use of the Miramichi Drama Committee; Manny's radio broadcasts; folk-hero Peter Emberley (Amberly), artist Richard Howe and miscellaneous Old Manse Library operational matters are also discussed. A letter from Ernest Murdoch of Loggieville offers for sale various.

Correspondence : 47 (60 leaves)

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Louise Manny, 1890-1970, provided Beaverbrook's ongoing contact with his native Newcastle. Their correspondence spans from 1946 to his death in 1964. Beaverbrook supported her in her historical research on the Miramichi, her folk song collecting, and her work in the development of the historic burial ground at Wilson's (Beaubair's) Point into a park named The Enclosure. In the early 1950s he appointed her in charge of the Old Manse Library, his boyhood home, where she continued until her death. ...