Art gallery, legal, financial, administrative : 1961. 1961 Feb. 14 - 1964 Feb. 25; (predominant 1961)


Art gallery, legal, financial, administrative : 1961. 1961 Feb. 14 - 1964 Feb. 25; (predominant 1961)

Letters, memos, reports and financial statements relating to the legal, financial and administrative affairs of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery including drafts of the Auditorium Act (Playhouse) and discussions of staff pensions, the request of Fredericton Art Club for a Canada Council Grant to establish art classes for young people and Beaverbrook's request for the transportation of school children to the gallery. The acquisition of A. LaSalle Ripley's portrait of Howard Copp as a gift of the Miramichi Fish and Game Club Ltd. is also discussed. A brief history of the Fish and Game Club and biographical sketch of Howard Copp is included.

Correspondence : 43 (75 leaves)

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Michael Wardell joined the Beaverbrook newspapers in London in 1926 after a career in the military. With the outbreak of the Second World War he rejoined the army and finally retired with the rank of Brigadier in 1946. He returned to Fleet Street and eventually became vice-chairman to the Beaverbrook organization. In 1950 he came to Fredericton and bought the Daily Gleaner. He then established the University Press of New Brunswick Ltd. with its subsidiary, Brunswick Press. He also launched the A...

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R.A. Tweedie acted variously as Agent for Lord Beaverbrook, Secretary of the Beaverbrook Foundations, Secretary to the Board of Governors of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and Director of the New Brunswick Travel Bureau. All letters are interfiled chronologically, regardless of the capacity in which Tweedie was corresponding. In late 1959, early 1960 Tweedie also became secretary of the Sir James Dunn Foundation. Letters written in this capacity are interfiled with other correspondence. ...

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