Correspondence with R.A. Tweedie : May 1956. 1956 May 1 - 31.


Tweedie, Robert A. (Robert Allison), 1908-1989. Correspondence with R.A. Tweedie : May 1956.

Correspondence with R.A. Tweedie : May 1956. 1956 May 1 - 31.

Topics inlcude: a 5,000 deficit at the Lady Beaverbrook Rink; Tweedie's comments on Tom Driberg's biography of Beaverbrook; Somerville House renovations, elevator and furnishing with old N.B. pieces; William Davidson Hoist at the Miramichi Hospital; pensions given to N.B. acquaintances of Beaverbrook; Old Manse Library's need for new floor covering and the donation of money by the Miramichi Drama Committee for drama books and records; a telegram in which Beaverbrook is informed of the death of the art gallery architect, Lyn Howell; the subsequent transfer of the contract to Stewart; a letter dated 16 May 1861 from Brydone Jack to the Hon. Peter Mitchell asking Mitchell to support his application for the Presidency of UNB; Beaverbrook's gift of 5,000 to the Beaverbrook Theatre and Town Hall in Newcastle; Premier Flemming's gift to N.B. of 43 paintings; progress of individual Beaverbrook scholars.

Correspondence : 87 (102 leaves)

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R.A. Tweedie acted variously as Agent for Lord Beaverbrook, Secretary of the Beaverbrook Foundations, Secretary to the Board of Governors of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and Director of the New Brunswick Travel Bureau. All letters are interfiled chronologically, regardless of the capacity in which Tweedie was corresponding. In late 1959, early 1960 Tweedie also became secretary of the Sir James Dunn Foundation. Letters written in this capacity are interfiled with other correspondence. ...

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