Correspondence with R.A. Tweedie : March 1956. 1954 June 3 - 1956 Mar. 30; (predominant 1956 Mar.)


Tweedie, Robert A. (Robert Allison), 1908-1989. Correspondence with R.A. Tweedie : March 1956.

Correspondence with R.A. Tweedie : March 1956. 1954 June 3 - 1956 Mar. 30; (predominant 1956 Mar.)

Topics include: an elevator for the Miramichi Hospital; R.A. Tweedie's interest in tracing his family history; a paved playing surface for the school at Beaverbrook, N.B.; an amateur hockey league for Newcastle; a UNB expense list for the 1955 Art Exhibition with a request that Beaverbrook pay for part of it; upkeep, furniture and an elevator for Somerville House, Fredericton; the architects' fees for Lady Beaverbrook Rink including a copy of the legal agreement; the growing collection of old N.B. letters and documents including transcriptions of items dated 1811, 1852, 1761 and 1841; card index drawers for the Old Manse Library; a request for a new high school gymnasium at Chatham; a proposal to build an extension to the Lady Beaverbrook Residence, UNB; transport of an Emily Carr painting; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Davidson's visit to England; the legal agreement with the architects regarding the art gallery at Fredericton; (continues). (continued) the N.B. Travel Bureau's promotion of Lord Beaverbrook's projects in N.B.

Correspondence : 112 (135 leaves)

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R.A. Tweedie acted variously as Agent for Lord Beaverbrook, Secretary of the Beaverbrook Foundations, Secretary to the Board of Governors of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and Director of the New Brunswick Travel Bureau. All letters are interfiled chronologically, regardless of the capacity in which Tweedie was corresponding. In late 1959, early 1960 Tweedie also became secretary of the Sir James Dunn Foundation. Letters written in this capacity are interfiled with other correspondence. ...

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