Correspondence with Louise Manny : 1954 June - 1959 Feb. 1954 June - 1959 Feb.


Correspondence with Louise Manny : 1954 June - 1959 Feb. 1954 June - 1959 Feb.

Letters, telegrams, newspaper clippings, library reports and minutes of meetings of the Old Manse Library Board, book lists, phonodisc lists, invoices. Topics include: the Old Manse Library; results of 1955 election in Newcastle; Miramichi shipping history; an account of the induction of Rev. W. Aitken in St. James' Church, Newcastle, 1880 June 9; news of Beaverbrook's former acquaintances in Newcastle.

Correspondence : 689 (850 leaves)

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Louise Manny, 1890-1970, provided Beaverbrook's ongoing contact with his native Newcastle. Their correspondence spans from 1946 to his death in 1964. Beaverbrook supported her in her historical research on the Miramichi, her folk song collecting, and her work in the development of the historic burial ground at Wilson's (Beaubair's) Point into a park named The Enclosure. In the early 1950s he appointed her in charge of the Old Manse Library, his boyhood home, where she continued until her death. ...

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