Records of lawyers in New England, New Brunswick, New York, and Illinois, 1719-1912 (inclusive).


Records of lawyers in New England, New Brunswick, New York, and Illinois, 1719-1912 (inclusive).

Records of lawyers in New England, New Brunswick, New York, and Illinois, 1719-1912 (inclusive).

Correspondence, diaries, ledgers, legal documents, daybook, cash book, wills, agreements, protests and other legal records of: Joel Day of Springfield, Mass., 1768-1830, including accounts of William Chapin, 3rd; Christopher Gore of Boston, Mass., 1785-1810, including accounts of Gore Mansion, Waltham, Mass; Amariah Frost of Milford, Mass., 1786-1801; Moses Eastman of Salisbury, N.H., 1797-1820; Aaron Everett of Wrentham, Mass., 1797-1826; William Botsford of St. John, N.B., 1799-1804; John C. Williams of Berkshire County, Mass., 1801-1823; Wildes P. Walker of New York City, 1815-1870, including legal papers of John Merrill and Arthur Hunter of Topsham, Me; M.C. Paterson of New York City, 1820-1837; Ellis Gray Loring of Boston, 1830-1833; Henry R. Winthrop of New York City, 1840-1843; George O. Shattuck and Peleg W. Chandler of Boston, 1848-1879 (civil suits and railroad cases); H.H. Hobbs of South Berwick, Me., 1851-1863; Henry Chase of Sycamore, Ill., 1858; E.H. Green vs. Estate of Jonathan Russell, 1868-1886, including papers relating to the firm of Russell and Sturgis, Manila; T.T. Snow of Portland, Me., 1870-1879; and Edmund M. Parker of Boston, 1902-1912. There are also four small memo books, 1719-1767, with records of legal service probably in the area of Framingham, Mass. and Portsmouth, N.H.; and records, 1808-1811, of an unidentified justice of the peace, probably of Pompey, N.Y.

ca. 7 linear ft. (28 v., 4 boxes, 4 cases)



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Merrill, John N., 1943- (person)

From the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s John Merrill was Assistant Regional Administrator for the Office of Community Planning and Management, Seattle Region 10, Office of U.S. Housing and Urban Development. Region 10 included the Pacific Northwest States and Alaska. His job was to work with the states and communities to help them plan for housing, water, and sewer facilities. He traveled extensively throughout Alaska and worked with many state and community leaders. According to Merrill, his photog...

Walker, Wildes P. (Wildes Perkins), 1814-1888 (person)

Green, E. H. R. (Edward Howland Robinson), 1868-1936 (person)

Russell, Jonathan, -1791 (person)

Hobbs, H. H. (person)

Webster, Daniel, 1782-1852 (person)

Daniel Webster (b. Salisbury, New Hampshire, January 18, 1782-d. Marshfield, Massachusetts, October 24, 1852), lawyer, orator, congressman, served as U.S. Secretary of State under presidents William Henry Harrison and John Tyler. He also served as Senator from Massachusetts....

Paterson, M.C. (person)

Chapin, William, 1918- (person)

Parker, Edmund Morley, 1856-1894 (person)

Botsford, William. (person)

Russell and Sturgis. (corporateBody)

Winthrop, Henry (person)

Gore, Christopher, 1758-1827 (person)

Day, Joel. (person)

Hunter, Arthur, 1869- (person)

Snow, T. T. (person)

Shattuck and Chandler. (corporateBody)

Chase, Henry S. (Henry Seymour) (person)

Loring, Ellis Gray, 1803-1858 (person)

A Boston lawyer and abolitionist who used his legal training to aid runaway slaves, Loring was an organizer of the New England Anti-Slavery Society. He married Louisa Gilman (1797-1868) in 1827. Their daughter, Anna Loring Dresel (1830-1896), was vice president of the Boston Sanitary Commission during the Civil War and president of Vincent Hospital. She married Otto Dresel (1826-1890), a German pianist and composer in 1863; they had two children: Louisa Loring Dresel (1864-195?) and Ellis Loring...

Frost, Amariah, 1750-1819. (person)

Williams, John C. (John Carroll) (person)

Epithet: MP British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000212.0x000369 ...

Chandler, Peleg W. (Peleg Whitman), 1816-1889 (person)

Boston lawyer and politican. From the description of Letters received, 1866-1874. (Boston Athenaeum). WorldCat record id: 39273758 Lawyer, Journalist, and legislator, of Massachusetts; Boston city solicitor (1846-1853); served in Massachusetts House of Representatives (1844-1846, 1862-1863); and on Governor's Council (1850); b. in New Gloucester, Me. From the description of Correspondence, 1845-1880. (Rutherford B Hayes Presidential Center). WorldCat record id: 5...

Shattuck, George Otis, 1829-1897. (person)

Everett, Aaron. (person)

Eastman, Moses, 1770-1848 (person)