Records, 1742-1919 (inclusive) [microform].


Peace Dale Manufacturing Company. Records, 1742-1919 (inclusive) [microform].

Records, 1742-1919 (inclusive) [microform].

Records, 1829-1919, of the textile firm, with earlier records of enterprises of the Peace, Hazard, and other families. General accounting and production records, orders, sales, and correspondence, much of it with the Peace Dale firm's selling agents: S.B. and Buffum (1854), Jenkins and Huntington (1860), Fairbanks and Martin (1871), and Martin and Buffum (1885). Preceding this period, there are records of many other activities. The earliest is a daybook for 1742-1744 of the Trenton Mills, one of the flour mills owned by Joseph Pease. Other early records are a cash book, 1785-1788, of Isaac Pease; a daybook, 1761-1781, of S. Neyle; accounts, 1785-1791, of Abraham Newton, postmaster, Charleston, S.C. Accounts of the Hazard family in Charleston include those of Rowland Hazard, 1789-1790; Hazard, Robinson and Company; and Hazard and Ayrault. The family owned plantations on the Santee River, where sheep were raised, flour was prepared, and the usual farming operations carried on. From 1817 to 1850 there are accounts of Rowland Hazard's sons, Isaac P., Thomas R., Rowland G., and Joseph P. Isaac and Rowland acted together as partners, 1820-1829, carrying on a cotton mill in South Kingston and a general store in Providence, R.I. Many investment interests of the Hazard family are represented, including the Providence and Stonington and the Narragansett Pier Railroads, and the Wisconsin Central Railroad. Other letters, 1869-1886, are from Herbert Spencer concerning railroad investments, and papers on the Credit Mobilier, 1876 and later.

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Slee, Edwin. (person)

S.B. and Buffum. (corporateBody)

Fairbanks and Martin. (corporateBody)

Hazard, Rowland H., 1839- (person)

Wisconsin Central Railroad. (corporateBody)

Walker, James (person)

Neyle, S. (person)

Martin, Lawrie and Company. (corporateBody)

Hazard, Thomas R. (Thomas Robinson), 1797-1886 (person)

Ayrault, Peter. (person)

M.T. Stevens and Sons Company. (corporateBody)

Hazard, Rowland, 1829-1898. (person)

Rowland Hazard, the son of Rowland Gibson Hazard and Caroline Newbold, was born August 16, 1829. He attended Brown University and remained active in University activities after graduation. Later he formed a group called the "Club" consisting of several other intellectuals who wrote papers on topics of interest. These papers, dating from 1868 to 1883, are found in Series VIII, in two volumes, at the end of the collection. Rowland Hazard was an influential man...

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Financier and manufacturer; b. in South Kingson, R.I. From the description of Papers, 1860-1864. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70973309 Rowland Gibson Hazard was born in South Kingstown, Rhode Island on October 9, 1801, the son of Rowland and Mary (Peace) Hazard. He was raised in the home of his maternal grandfather, Isaac Peace, in Bristol, Pennsylvania and attended school in Burlington, New Jersey. He returned to Rhode Island in 1819 and, togethe...

Brown, J. L. (person)

Brown, Nathaniel Smith, 1872-1943 (person)

Hazard, Joseph, active 1716-1739 (person)

Hazard, Rowland Gibson, 1855-1918. (person)

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Gainford, Joseph Albert Pease, Baron, 1860-1943 (person)

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Peace Dale Manufacturing Company. (corporateBody)

Textile manufacturing enterprise, Peace Dale, R.I. founded by Rowland Hazard in 1802. Chartered by the state of Rhode Island as the Peace Dale Manufacturing Company in 1848. The firm remained in the Hazard family until 1918, when it was sold to M.T. Stevens and Sons Company. Stevens closed the mills in 1948. In early years the firm manufactured coarse goods, including clothing for slaves on southern plantations. Later they made very fine goods, serges, worsteds, shawls, and cassimeres. Chiefly a...

Hazard, Rowland, 1763-1835. (person)

Trenton Mills (N.J.) (corporateBody)

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Dyer, E. C. (person)

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Martin, Buffum and Company. (corporateBody)

Providence and Stonington Railroad. (corporateBody)

Hughes, T. Rowland (Thomas Rowland) (person)

Credit Mobilier of America (corporateBody)

Hazard family. (family)

Spencer, Herbert, 1820-1903 (person)

Born 1820; educated at Hinton Charterhouse near Bath, 1833-1836; assistant schoolmaster at Derby, 1837; worked as a draftsman and engineer during the building of the Birmingham and Gloucester Railway, 1837-1841; sub-editor of the Pilot , the organ of the Complete Suffrage Movement, 1844; occupied himself anew with engineering, 1844-1846, and experimented with mechanical inventions, 1846-1847; sub-editor of The Economist in London, 1848-1853; visited house of John Chapman, the advanced publisher,...

Hazard and Ayrault. (corporateBody)

Waldo, Horace. (person)

Waite, Charles B. (Charles Burlingame), 1824-1909 (person)

Jenkins and Huntington. (corporateBody)

Newton, Abraham. (person)

Lawrie, Mann, and Drowne. (corporateBody)

Longstreet, W. M. (person)

Florence (Steamer) (corporateBody)