Reminiscences of Claude Forkner : oral history, 1986.


Reminiscences of Claude Forkner : oral history, 1986.

Forkner, Claude (1900-1992). Childhood, Stevensville, Montana: sheep, cattle farming; oiler, engineer; strike-breaker, Standard Oil tanker, S.S. Moffett; WWI: Army medical corps, 1918; University of California at Berkeley: cell study, hematology; Harvard Medical School, M.D., 1926; Johns Hopkins: training; Thorndike Laboratory, Boston: Vitamin E research; Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research; Peking Union Medical College, 1932-1937: study of leukopenia, Fred Snite polio case, respirator innovations; Cornell medical faculty; New York Hospital, attending physician, 1937 to mid-1960s; author, Leukemia and Allied Disorders, 1938; WWII: colonel in military service, Director of China Medical Board, Rockefeller Foundation Dysentery Commission, 1943; Iran Foundation: Board of Trustees, president, 1951-1955; American Friends of the Middle East; American Board of Internal Medicine, Board of Directors; physician to Shah of Iran, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia, Generalissimo Trujillo of Dominican Republic; hunting adventures, Nepal, 1961-1962, Northern China; travel narratives of China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Russia, Latin America; Program for Harvard Medicine, National Alumni chairman, mid-1960s; Teachers College, trustee; development of medical passport; relationship with media.

transcript: 3 v. (451 leaves)

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