Sterling and Francine Clark Papers: Correspondence Series, 1901-1957 (bulk 1923-1956).


Sterling and Francine Clark Papers: Correspondence Series, 1901-1957 (bulk 1923-1956).

The materials in the Correspondence series include letters to and from RSC's business associates, friends, family, and acquaintances. They range in content from detailed discussions of world economies, war and politics to details of daily life, practical elements of RSC's business ventures, and accounts of the people and scenes RSC encountered in his travels. These letters illuminate RSC's opinions on a range of topics, especially the political figures of his day, the United States' foreign policies, horse breeding and art. Notable among the Miscellaneous letters is the sheer number of requests for material assistance Clark received. There are accounts throughout the correspondence of small charities he bestowed on individuals. There are also many letters of thanks from various acquaintances for gifts. The Clarks were especially fond of sending chocolates to their friends, but there are also notes referring to pieces of silver and other items. The British Bloodstock Agency is heavily represented. This series contains many letters relating to financial transactions, legal matters and horse breeding. Most of the letters from RSC are carbon copies he kept in his files.

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