John W. Moore papers, 1851-1908, 1961 [manuscript].


John W. Moore papers, 1851-1908, 1961 [manuscript].

Mostly Moore's writings, ca. 1850s-1906, and include drafts of speeches, essays, novels, and poems. Topics in the nonfiction writings are the founding of the University of North Carolina, the ad valorem tax on slaves, the coinage of silver, North Carolina Baptist church history, Christian philosophy, and the authorship of Shakespeare's plays. Among the speeches is an address Moore made to his graduating class at the University of North Carolina in 1853. Filed with the essays is a biographical sketch, written by T. E. Skinner, of North Carolina Baptist minister Charles Worth Skinner (1784-1870). An incomplete draft of a book of Hertford County historical sketches is also included. None of Moore's writings pertain to his published novel or to his roster of North Carolina troops, and none document his Civil War service. Moore's poems, sentimental in nature, treat romantic love, nature, death, battle, chivalry, and religious feeling. An unpublished novel, "The Belle of Albemarle," concerns Edward Teach (Blackbeard). Also included are a few Moore family letters, 1851, 1876, 1892, 1908, and undated, that provide glimpses into social life in Murfreesboro and other coastal North Carolina towns. One letter, 1851, describes the activities of a mesmerist in Murfreesboro. There is also an account book/scrapbook belonging to Moore containing accounts, 1872-1874, for a Hertford County dry goods merchant and numerous poems, clippings, and recipes Moore later added and a 1961 photograph of the Mulberry Grove Plantation house.

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