Calvin Jones papers, 1783-1929, 2000.


Jones, Calvin, 1775-1846. Calvin Jones papers, 1783-1929, 2000.

Calvin Jones papers, 1783-1929, 2000.

The collection includes correspondence, financial and legal papers, writings, pictures, and other materials of Calvin Jones and other Jones family members. Correspondence includes letters relating to land sales, medicine, and military business around the War of 1812. The establishment of the University of North Carolina is discussed in 1801 letters. Correspondents include N.C. governor Benjamin Williams; Joseph Caldwell, president of UNC; Davy Crockett; Benjamin Rush; and James Madison. There is also a one-page address, 1798, by John Adams; Jones's travel diaries from trips to Washington, D.C., 1815; the old southwest, 1818; and Europe, 1844; and a farm journal in which he described agricultural experiments. Papers, 1847-1879, chiefly relate to Montezuma Jones and include financial documents about the Tennessee cotton trade, particularly land sales and dealings with cotton factors. Also included are letters, 1841-1843, from Montezuma Jones, as a student at UNC; a diary, 1869-1871, of teenager Frances Irene Jones; letters and political papers of Calvin Jones's daughter, Octavia Rowena Jones, and her husband, politician Edwin Polk; and correspondence and other items of Calvin Jones's wife, Temperance B. Jones. After 1880, there are scattered family letters and some business and professional letters to James W. Jones. Several items document slavery in Tennessee, including a few relating to runaway slaves. There is little Civil War material.

ca. 2600 items (4.0 linear feet)

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