Collection of photographic prints, 1913-1923.


Collection of photographic prints, 1913-1923.

The collection contains over 1100 original photographic prints documenting the Canadian Arctic Expeditions (1913-1918), also the Wrangel Island and Wrangel Island Relief Expeditions (1921-1923). Individual and group photographs of scientists, Eskimos, "Copper" and Mackenzie Eskimos, and Inuits include the following people: Rudolph M. Anderson, Ada Blackjack, Charles D. Brower, Kenneth G. Chipman, Allan Crawford, Milton Galle, Diamond Jenness, Fritz Johansen, Charles Klinkenberg, Edna Klinkenberg, Lorne Knight, Ernest de Koven Leffingwell, Burt. M. McConnell, Frederick W. Maurer, John Munro, Th. Petersen, Vilhjalmur Stefansson, and Storker Theodor Storkerson. Also included are images of mission settlements, Hudson's Bay Company outposts, and the Eldorado Mining enterprises. Locations in Alaska include Point Barrow, Baxter Island, Camden Bay, Collinson Point, Flaxman Island, Fort Yukon, Cape Krusenstern, Nome, and Tanana; in the Northwest Territories, Banks Island, Bernard Harbor, and Fort McPherson; in the Yukon, Herschel Island; and in Russia, Wrangel Island. Principal photographers are Lomen Bros., Harold Noice, and George H. Wilkins.

8 boxes (5.5 linear ft.)

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Canadian Arctic Expedition (1913-1918) (corporateBody)

With the goal of finding a continent north of the Canadian Archipelago, Vilhjalmur Stefansson organized the Canadian Arctic Expedition. Stefansson had already distinguished himself as an explorer and ethnologist by spending 18 months with the Inuit of the Mackenzie Delta, learning their language and customs during the Anglo-American expedition of 1906-1907. Furthermore, during an expedition from 1908 to 1912, he made notoriety by discovering a group of fair-haired natives on Victoria Island that...

Belvedere (Ship : 1861) (corporateBody)

Hudson's Bay Company (corporateBody)

The Hudson's Bay Company began in 1670, and by the 1820s it had expanded to the Pacific Northwest. John McLoughlin served as the head of the Hudson's Bay Company's Columbia district. In this position, which McLoughlin held for twenty-one years, he oversaw the company's operations throughout the entire Pacific Northwest. Researching the role Dr. McLoughlin played in the history of the Hudson's Bay Company were Robert C. Clark and Burt B. Barker. Both were historians at the University of Oregon wh...

Mary Sachs (Ship) (corporateBody)

Leffingwell, Ernest De Koven, 1876-1971. (person)

Stefansson, Vilhjalmur, 1879-1962 (person)

Vilhjalmur Stefansson was born on November 3, 1879 in Arnes, Manitoba, Canada. He attended the University of North Dakota from 1897-1902. He was voted the best orator in 1900, and also worked for the school newspaper. In 1930 he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree, only the third such degree awarded. He then transferred to the University of Iowa and graduated in 1903 with a degree from the School of Liberal Arts. He next enrolled at Harvard, graduating with a Master of Arts degree in 1...

Blackjack, Ada, 1898-1983 (person)

Ada Blackjack was born on May 10, 1898 in Solomon, Alaska. She moved to Nome, Alaska where she married and had three children of which only one survived. Left destitute by her husband, she joined the Wrangle Island Expedition of 1921 which was financed by Vilhjalmur Stefansson. After a grueling two years on the island she was the only survivor of the expedition when she was rescued in 1923. She eventually returned to the Arctic where she lived until her death in 1983 at the age of 85. ...

Karluk (Ship) (corporateBody)

Maurer, Frederick W. (person)

Maurer joined the crew of the Belvedere in 1911. He met Vilhjalmur Stefansson in 1912 and became a member of Stefansson's Canadian Arctic Expedition in 1913, sailing on the Karluk. When the Karluk sank, he spent six months on Wrangel Island with the other crew members. He returned to Wrangel Island in 1921 as a member of the expedition led by Allan R. Crawford and financed by Stefansson. From the description of Adventures on an Arctic whaler, 1911-1912. (New Hampshire Newsp Project)....

Eldorado Mining and Refining Limited (corporateBody)

Crawford, Allan Charles, 1955- (person)

Klinkenberg, Charles. (person)

Jenness, Diamond, 1886-1969 (person)

Jenness was the ethnologist on the Canadian Arctic Expedition, 1913-1918. From the description of Papers, 1913-1921. (Dartmouth College Library). WorldCat record id: 237352321 ...

Corwin (Ship) (corporateBody)

Polar Bear (Ship) (corporateBody)

Bear (Ship) (corporateBody)

Klinkenberg, Edna. (person)

McConnell, Burt M. (Burt Morton), 1888-1960 (person)

Rosie H. (Ship) (corporateBody)

North Star (Ship) (corporateBody)

Knight, Errol Lorne, 1843-1923. (person)

Galle, Milton. (person)

Johansen, Fritz. (person)

Wrangel Island Expedition (1921-1923) (corporateBody)

Wilkins, George Hubert, Sir, 1888-1958 (person)

Sir George Hubert Wilkins (b. October 31, 1888, Hallett, South Australia-d. November 30, 1958, Framingham, Massachusetts), polar explorer, geographer, photographer, and consultant for the United States Military. He was internationally recognized for his expeditions to the Arctic and Anarctic from 1913 to 1939. Wiklins was the navigator aboard the first airplane to fly over the Arctic Sea (1928); navigator aboard the first airplane to fly over the Antarctica (1933); and led the Nautilus sub...

Storkerson, Storker Theodor, 1883-1940. (person)

Storkerson was born in Norway in 1883. He was a member of the Anglo-American Arctic Expedition of 1906-1907, which was commanded by Ernest de Koven Leffingwell and Ejnar Mikkelsen, and a member of Stefansson's 1908-1912 expedition to eastern Alaska. He was also a member of the Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913-1918; during the winter of 1917-1918, when Stefansson was ill with typhoid, Storkerson was in command of the expedition. From the description of Papers, 1913-1948. (Dartmouth ...

Chipman, Kenneth G. (person)

Munro, J. F. (John Forbes) (person)

Worker involved in construction of the textile mill begun in 1832 by General James Jones in region of Barnwell District now located in Aiken County, S.C. From the description of Letter, 1834 May 5, Vaucluse Manufacturing Co., near Aiken, [S.C.], to James Spear, [New York], N.Y. (University of South Carolina). WorldCat record id: 32839724 ...

Anderson, R. M. (person)

Noice, Harold (person)

Noice commanded a relief expedition to Wrangel Island in 1923. He had been a member of Stefansson's Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913-1918. From the description of Papers, 1922-1926. (Dartmouth College Library). WorldCat record id: 237352323 ...

Wrangel Island Relief Expedition (1923) (corporateBody)

Petersen, Th. (Theodor), 1875- (person)

Alaska (Ship) (corporateBody)

Lomen Bros. (corporateBody)

The Lomen family was well known in Alaska for an entreprenurial spirit. Their interests varied from reindeer herding to law practice. The five Lomen brothers, Carl Joys, Alfred Julian, Harry, George, and Ralph helped create a reindeer industry, outfitted the Norwegian explorer Amundsen and participated in the birth of bush aviation in Alaska. Judge G.J. Lomen of St. Paul, Minnesota, moved to Nome after vacationing with a son, Carl, in the early 1900's. In 1903, they were joined by his wife, Juli...

Brower, Charles D., 1863-1945 (person)

Trader and author. From the description of Charles D. Brower diary, 1886-1937. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79453438 ...

Krasin (Ship) (corporateBody)