Papers, 1928-1942.


Sverdrup, H. U. (Harald Ulrik), 1888-1957. Papers, 1928-1942.

Papers, 1928-1942.

Collection contains essays on Arctic exploration, the Wilkins-Ellsworth submarine expedition, and the Chukchi Indians, and other papers of Harald Ulrik Sverdrup. Includes mss. for the following works by Sverdrup: Arctic Eden, a study of the Chukchi of Ayon Island, Siberia, translated from the 1938 edition of Hos Tundra-Folket (Syldendal, Norsk, Forlag, Oslo) by Sverdrup; How and why of the Nautilus, translated from Hvorledes og hvorfor med Nautilus by Gudlaug K. Randby; and The how and why of the Nautilus voyage, condensed by Olive Rathbun Wilcox from Randby's translation and edited by Vilhjalmur Stefansson.

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