Luncheon talks, 1983-1984 (inclusive).


Luncheon talks, 1983-1984 (inclusive).

Speeches given at the Schlesinger Library Luncheon Series. Speakers include Nancy Gleason and Susan Storey Lyman re: Rutland Corner House; Sylvia Seaman; and Alice DeNormandie Cope re: the Window Shop.

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Rutland Corner House (Boston, Mass.) (corporateBody)

Founded as the "Home for Working Women" in 1877, and incorporated in 1878 as the "Temporary Home for Working Women," Rutland Corner House provided a place where "women desirous of making an honest living, but penniless and friendless, may find shelter and employment until able to secure a permanent position." In the first year of operation, 368 women were given shelter in a house on Tremont Street, Boston. Laundry and sewing rooms were set up for the working residents, whose client...

Window Shop (Cambridge, Mass.) (corporateBody)

The Window Shop (1939-1972) was a store located in Cambridge, Massachusetts created by a small group of women wanting to help immigrants fleeing Europe. It was originally located in a room on the second floor of 37 Church Street and was named for the room's large window. One of these women was Elsa Brändström Ulich, a Swedish-immigrant nurse and philanthropist. In 1939, four women opened the Window Shop at 37 Church Street with a combined sum of 65 dollars to aid immigrants fleeing German-occ...

Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America‏ (corporateBody)

The Schlesinger Library had its origins in the gift of the Woman's Rights Collection (WRC) by Maud Wood Park '98 to Radcliffe College in 1943. Organized as the Women's Archives in 1948, it was renamed the Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America in 1967 in recognition of the Schlesingers' strong support of the Library and the College. The WRC was originally housed in Longfellow Hall and the Women's Archives in Byerly Hall and moved in 1967 to the old Radcliffe...

Lyman, Susan Storey, (person)

Susan Jameson Storey Shaw Lyman was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, in 1919. She married S.P. Shaw, Jr., in 1939. The couple had three children and divorced in 1949. Lyman attended Radcliffe College, earning an A.B. (1949), a certificate from the Harvard-Radcliffe Program in Business Administration (1950), and an Ed.M. from Harvard (1963). After marrying Ronald T. Lyman, Jr. (1950), Lyman was appointed Marshall of Radcliffe College (1955-1958); she later served as Director of the Radcliffe Col...

Seaman, Sylvia S. (person)

Sylvia Seaman is a sexologist and author of books and articles on women's health. From the description of Reprint, 1976. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232007937 ...

Gleason, Nancy (person)

Cope, Alice DeNormandie. (person)