Papers of the Chamberlain-Adams family, 1827-1931 (inclusive).


Papers of the Chamberlain-Adams family, 1827-1931 (inclusive).

Correspondence: well over half is with Chamberlain and his friends and relatives, including his courtship correspondence with his future wife. Papers from the period from 1862, when he joined the army, to 1883, when he retired from the Bowdoin presidency, are not in this collection but have been given to Bowdoin College Library. The remaining correspondence is of Frances Adams Chamberlain or her immediate family and covers her decision to leave home, her experiences in Georgia, and her resistance to early childbearing in marriage.

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Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence, 1828-1914 (person)

Chamberlain was born in Brewer, Maine, the son of Sarah Dupee (née Brastow) and Joshua Chamberlain, on September 8, 1828. Chamberlain was of English ancestry and could trace his family line back to twelfth-century England, during the reign of King Stephen. Chamberlain's great-grandfather Ebenezer, was a New Hampshire soldier in the French and Indian War, and the American Revolutionary War. Chamberlain's grandfather Joshua, was a ship builder, and colonel during the War of 1812, before moving his...

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Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (1828-1914), soldier, educator, and politician, married Frances Caroline Adams (1825-1905) in 1855. He taught religion, rhetoric, and languages at Bowdoin College (1856-1862), became a Major General in the Union Army, was governor of Maine (1866-1870), and president of Bowdoin (1871-1883). He also wrote military histories, developed Florida railroads and industry, and was Surveyor of Customs for Portland, Me. (1900-1914). Adams was raised by her cousin in Brunswick, M...

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Farrington, Sarah Chamberlain, 1836-1921 (person)

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