Records, 1908-1932 (inclusive).


Bureau of Vocational Information (New York, N.Y.). Records, 1908-1932 (inclusive).

Records, 1908-1932 (inclusive).

Papers collected by the Bureau on occupations for women include talks given in a course, "Woman in Industry: Her Opportunities in Business Today," given at NYU in 1915-1916; correspondence and clippings; and questionnaires from women around the U.S. in the arts, business, engineering, law, medical professions, personnel, religious, secretarial, and social work, the sciences, and statistics. The papers discuss the requirements, training, and advantages of the various fields and include material used by Beatrice Doerschuk in preparing the manuscript, "The Woman Secretary".

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Gilman, Charlotte Perkins, 1860-1935 (person)

Charlotte Perkins Stetson Gilman (1860-1935) was the leading public intellectual of the women’s movement in the early 20th century. Born into the prestigious Beecher family, she struggled through a lonely childhood and disastrous marriage, which caused a nervous breakdown. Her mental health returned once she separated from her husband; she later gave him custody of their young daughter, and he had a happy second marriage to one of her close friends. She moved to California, and threw herself int...

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The WEIU, a non-profit social and educational agency, was founded in Boston in 1877 by Dr. Harriet Clisby and incorporated in 1880, "to increase fellowship among women and to promote the best practical methods for securing their educational, industrial and social advancement." Initially it provided practical help and training programs for women, teaching them how to produce marketable goods and selling their products. Among the social services offered were legal aid for needy women, especially d...

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Williams, Anna Wessels, 1863-1954 (person)

Physician, Williams was Assistant Director of New York City's Dept. of Health Research Laboratory (1895-1934), where she helped advance the diagonosis of rabies, trachoma, and other diseases. From the description of Papers, 1846-1950s (inclusive), 1884-1954 (bulk). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232006893 ...

Moskowitz, Belle Lindner Israels, 1877-1933. (person)

Vocation Bureau (Cincinnati, Ohio) (corporateBody)

National Committee of Bureaus of Occupations. (corporateBody)

Bonstelle, Jessie, 1871-1932. (person)

Collegiate Bureau of Occupations (Denver, Colo.) (corporateBody)

Breckinridge, Sophonisba Preston, 1866-1948 (person)

Social work educator. S.B., Wellesley College, 1888. Ph. M., University of Chicago, 1897; Ph. D., 1901; J.D., 1904. Assistant dean of women, University of Chicago, 1902-1925; docent in political science, 1902-1904; instructor in household administration, 1904-1909; assistant professor, 1909-1910; assistant professor of social economy, 1910-1920; associate professor economy, School of Social Service Administration, 1920-1925; dean in the College of Arts, Literature, and Science, 1923-1929; Samuel...

Gachet, Rochelle Rodd. (person)

Lathrop, Julia Clifford, 1858-1932 (person)

Social worker and reformer, Julia Clifford Lathrop was the first head of the United States Children's Bureau. From the description of Letter, 1926. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232007298 ...

Corre, Mary P. (person)

Women's University Club (Los Angeles, Calif.) (corporateBody)

Hasse, Adelaide Rosalia, 1868-1953 (person)

Librarian, bibliographer, and civil servant. From the description of Papers of Adelaide Rosalia Hasse, 1862-1951. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 82962869 Biographical Note 1868, Sept. 13 Born, Milwaukee, Wis. 1889 1895 Assistant Librarian, L...

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Kennon, Anne Byrd. (person)

Odencrantz, Louise C. (Louise Christine), 1884-1969 (person)

Odencrantz (Barnard College, B.A., 1907; Columbia University, M.A., 1908) was an investigator in industrial relations for the Russell Sage Foundation, 1908-1915; supervised the N.Y. State and the U.S. Employment Bureaus on the wartime employment of women in industry, 1915-1919; and was personnel director for a N.Y.C. silk ribbon company, 1919-1924. In 1922 she helped organize the International Industrial Relations Association and attended its congresses as U.S. delegate in 1922, 1925, and 1928. ...

Cummings, Frances McArthur, 1941- (person)

Wald, Lillian D., 1867-1940 (person)

BIOGHIST REQUIRED Director of Henry Street Settlement in New York City. Miss Wald retired from active directorship in 1932. From the guide to the Lillian D. Wald Papers, 1895-1936, (Columbia University. Rare Book and Manuscript Library, ) Lillian D. Wald (1867-1940), a public health nurse and social worker in New York City on the Lower East Side, was a pioneer in American social work and public health. She founded the Henry Street Settlement and the Visiting Nurse Service of...

Bureau of Vocational Information (New York, N.Y.) (corporateBody)

The Bureau of Vocational Information of New York City (BVI) was the successor to the Intercollegiate Bureau of Occupations (IBO). The IBO listed the following as its purposes in its constitution: (1) to secure employment for college women or other specially equipped persons; (2) to investigate and to do all in its power to develop opportunities for women and to increase their efficiency in occupations; (3) to establish close connections with the colleges, especially in advising and ...

Cooperative Bureau for Women Teachers. (corporateBody)

Collegiate Bureau of Occupations (Chicago, Ill.) (corporateBody)

Baker, George Pierce, 1866-1935 (person)

George Pierce Baker was an American drama educator. He graduated from Harvard University in 1887 and from 1888 to 1924 was a faculty member in the English Department. While at Harvard, he played a key role in starting the Harvard Theatre Collection at Harvard University Library; he created the Harvard Dramatic Club; and he founded Workshop 47 to provide a forum for the performance of plays developed for his English 47 class. Baker was unable to convince Harvard to offer a degree in playwrighting...

Hansl, Eva Elise vom Baur, 1889-1978. (person)

Hansl (1889-1978) was program supervisor for the 1939-1940 radio series "Women in the Making of America," which was broadcast in cooperation with the WPA's Federal Theatre Radio Division, and for "Gallant American Women, " broadcast in cooperation with the U.S. Office of Education. From the description of Papers, 1939-1954 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232006625 ...

Rembaugh, Bertha, 1876-1940. (person)

Davis, Katharine Bement, 1860-1935 (person)

Hausam, Winifred M. (person)

Frederick, Christine, 1883- (person)

Home economist, lecturer, and author, Frederick campaigned for more efficiency in the kitchen. She set up and directed the Applecroft Home Experiment Station on Long Island, wrote on household management and the role of women as consumers, was an editor for Ladies Home Journal and The American Weekly, and in the 1950s became an interior decorator. She and her husband, J. George Frederick, had helped found the Advertising Women of New York in 1912. From the description of Papers, 1887...

Bureau of Vocational Service (Los Angeles, Calif.) (corporateBody)

Doerschuk, Anna Beatrice, 1879-1974. (person)

League for Business Opportunities for Women, New York. (corporateBody)

Southern Women's Educational Alliance. (corporateBody)

Vocational Adjustment Bureau, Inc., New York. (corporateBody)

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Young Women's Christian Association (corporateBody)

The YWCA of Washington State College was established in 1895. It provided the women of the college a place to worship, held bible classes, and located housing and employment. It also served as a social organization that participated with the YMCA of Washington State College. A popular social event in the 1910s-1930s were the conferences held at Seabeck, Washington. Topics at Seabeck focused on issues of the YWCA and the YMCA of the Pacific Northwest. During the 1940s, th...

Morton, Rosalie S. (Rosalie Slaughter), 1876-1968 (person)

Rosalie Slaughter Morton (1876-1968), physician and surgeon, was founder and director of the American Women's Hospital from 1917 to 1918. She served as a surgeon with Serbian Army on Salonica front in 1916. She was founder and chairman of the International Serbian Educational Committee from 1919 to 1928, and author of A Woman Surgeon in 1937. From the description of Morton, Rosalie S. (Rosalie Slaughter), 1876-1968 (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration). naId: 10570411 ...

Vermilye, Kate Jordan, 1871-1926. (person)

Schauffler, Mary (person)

Porritt, Marjory W. (person)

Johnston, Frances Benjamin, 1864-1952 (person)

Frances Benjamin Johnston (January 15, 1864 – May 16, 1952) was an early American photographer and photojournalist whose career lasted for almost half a century. She is most known for her portraits, images of southern architecture, and various photographic series featuring African Americans and Native Americans at the turn of the 20th century. In the 1880s, Johnston studied art in Paris and then returned home to Washington, DC, where she learned photography. She quickly established a national...

Hirth, Emma P. (person)

Beard, Mary Ritter, 1876-1958 (person)

Historian, feminist, and author. Married historian Charles Beard. From the description of Papers, 1935-1958 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232006703 From the description of Letters, 1937-1942 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232008676 Beard was an American author and historian. From the description of Correspondence: [1938?]-1959. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155180912 Mary Ritter Bear...

Dreier, Mary E. (Mary Elisabeth), 1875-1963 (person)

Labor reformer and suffragist, Dreier was active in the New York Women's Trade Union League (WTUL) throughout its existence (1903-1950), serving as president, 1906-1914. Her sisters were Margaret Dreier Robins, a founder and president of the National WTUL, and Dorothea and Katherine, both artists, Katherine best known as a patron of modern art. From the description of Papers, 1797-1963 (inclusive), 1897-1963 (bulk). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232006577 ...

Vocation Bureau (Pasadena, Calif.) (corporateBody)

Roberts, Mary Fanton (person)

Mary Fanton Roberts was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1864. When she was a young girl her family moved to Deadwood, in the Montana territory, where her father had mining prospects. When she was old enough, she and her sister were sent back to New York to attend the Albany Female Academy. After finishing school, Roberts pursued journalism and became a staff writer for four years for the Herald Tribune, the Journal, and the Sun in New York. During her long career she was editor of Dem...

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Richmond, Mary Ellen, 1861-1928 (person)

Pioneer social worker, author, educator. Miss Richmond was the author of SOCIAL DIAGNOSIS, MARRIAGE AND THE STATE, FRIENDLY VISITING AMONG THE POOR, and CHILD MARRIAGES. From the description of Mary Richmond Papers, 1821-1928. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 299029195 ...

Woman's Occupational Bureau (Minneapolis, Minn.) (corporateBody)

Industrial Information Service (New York, N.Y.) (corporateBody)

Andrews, Irene Osgood, 1879- (person)

De Forest, Nora Stanton Blatch. (person)

Women's Employment Service (Pittsburgh, Penn.) (corporateBody)

Butcher, Theodora S. (person)