Papers, 1884-1983 (inclusive), 1920-1960 (bulk).


Stevens, Doris, 1888-1963. Papers, 1884-1983 (inclusive), 1920-1960 (bulk).

Papers, 1884-1983 (inclusive), 1920-1960 (bulk).

Includes personal and family correspondence; diaries; manuscripts of her books, articles, speeches, and stories, including drafts, reviews, and Spanish and Portuguese translations of "Jailed for Freedom" (1920) on her 1917 imprisonment for attempting to petition President Wilson for women's suffrage; scores, lyrics, and recordings of her compositions; correspondence, printed material, and financial records of the National Woman's Party; correspondence, research material, financial records, and printed material of the Inter-American Commission of Women, of which she served as chair from 1928-1939; legal records from several lawsuits; articles about Stevens; photographs; audiotapes; artwork; and memorabilia. Also includes some personal papers of her two husbands, Dudley Field Malone and Jonathan Mitchell.

50.04 linear ft. (116 file boxes, 4 card file boxes, 2 folio boxes, 4 folio+ boxes, 9 folio+ folders, 3 oversize boxes, 3 oversize folders, 1 supersize folder, 56 photograph folders, 37 folio photograph folders, 3 folio+ photograph folders, 1 supersize photo folder,13 audiotapes, 19 memorabilia objects, 1 reel of microfilm)

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Grant, Jane C., 1892-1972 (person)

Jane Grant (1892-1972) was the first general assignment reporter at the New York Times. In 1925, with her husband Harold Ross and Raoul Fleishmann, she founded the New Yorker magazine. In 1921, along with Ruth Hale, she founded the Lucy Stone League, an organization dedicated allowing women to preserve maiden names after marriage, as well as other women's rights issues. She and her husband divorced in 1929. In 1939 she married William B. Harris. They later established White Flower Farm, a nurser...

Millay, Edna St. Vincent, 1892-1950 (person)

Poet and author. From the description of Edna St. Vincent Millay papers, 1832-1992 (bulk 1900-1950). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71066360 American poet. From the description of ALS : Camden, Maine, to Eleanor Morgan Patterson, 1916 June 15. (Rosenbach Museum & Library). WorldCat record id: 122442927 From the description of Photograph of Edna St. Vincent Millay [manuscript], 1920 August. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647812089 ...

Mitchell, Jonathan, 1894- (person)

Smith, Jane Norman, 1874-1953. (person)

Chairman of the National Woman's Party (NWP), 1927-1929. From the description of Papers, 1913-1953 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 123373717 ...

Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962 (person)

Eleanor Roosevelt (October 11, 1884 - November 7, 1962), wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, was an especially active and visible First Lady who, it was claimed, did more to popularize the Roosevelt administration than any other person or factor. Her innumerable trips across the country and visits to workers and their families did much to promote her as one of the people, a democrat with a small "d." She was the first president's wife to hold White House press conferences, and millions of p...

Lee, Muna, 1895-1965 (person)

Mencken, H.L. (person)

Author and journalist. From the description of Papers of Henry Louis Mencken [manuscript] 1935-56. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647952438 American journalist. From the description of Letter, [1924?] Jan. 9, New York, to Perry Walton. (Boston Athenaeum). WorldCat record id: 184904324 Editor and satirist. From the description of Papers of H. L. Mencken [manuscript] 1912-1949. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647976...

Belmont, Alva, 1853-1933 (person)

Lucy Stone League. (corporateBody)

Stevens, Doris, 1888-1963 (person)

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, to Henry Henderbourck and Caroline Koopman Stevens, Doris Stevens (Oberlin, B.A., 1911) was active in organizations for the advancement of women both in the United States and internationally. She was a suffrage organizer, a member of the National Woman's Party and the Lucy Stone League, and served as chair of the Inter-American Commission of Women (1928-1939). In 1931 Stevens became the first woman member of the American Institute of International Law. She was also an au...

Robles de Mendoza, Margarita (person)

Oberlin College (corporateBody)

Walsh, Frank P. (person)

Francis Patrick Walsh (1864-1939), an American lawyer and political reformer, was one of the chief architects of the legislative struggle against industrial exploitation of children and an advocate of Irish and anti-imperialist causes. He also fought for civil liberties and was a labor partisan and staunch New Dealer. From the description of Frank P. Walsh papers, 1896-1939, bulk (1920-1939). (New York Public Library). WorldCat record id: 122485559 From the guide to the Fran...

Inter-American Commission of Women (corporateBody)

In 1928, the Inter-American Commission of Women (IACW) was established to study the civil and political status of women in the Americas. Don Stevens was appointed first chairman of the Commission of 21 members, one from each country in North, Central, and South America. From the guide to the Inter-American Commission of Women Records MS 312., 1928-1976, (Sophia Smith Collection) From the description of Records, 1928-1976. (Smith College). WorldCat record id: 50118946 ...

Archdale, Helen A. (person)

Scott, James Brown, 1866-1943 (person)

Paul, Alice, 1885-1977 (person)

Quaker, lawyer, and lifelong activist for women's rights, Alice Paul was educated at Swarthmore and the University of Pennsylvania, where her doctoral dissertation was on the legal status of women in Pennsylvania. She later earned law degrees from Washington College of Law and American University. Paul also studied economics and sociology at the universities of London and Birmingham and worked at a number of British social settlements (1907-1910). While in England she wa...

American Institute of International Law (corporateBody)

Lutz, Alma (person)

Lutz (1890-1973) was a member of the national council of the National Woman's Party, and literature chairman and contributing editor of Equal Rights, the NWP's official organ. She was also an active member of the Massachusetts Branch of the NWP. The primary goal of the NWP was passage of an Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. constitution; it also worked on otwomen's rights issues. From the description of Papers, 1921-1961 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 1225064...

Post, Emily, 1873?-1960 (person)

Author and radio commentator. Full name: Emily Price Post (Mrs. Edwin M. Post). From the description of Scripts of Emily Post, 1930-1931. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70981978 ...

Frost, Robert, 1874-1963 (person)

American poet from New England. Winner of the 1932 Pulitzer Prize. From the description of Letters, 1931-1943. (University of Iowa Libraries). WorldCat record id: 122464432 American Pulitzer Prize-winning poet. From the description of Letter to Mr. Beggen [?], 1928. (Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens). WorldCat record id: 86129842 Robert Frost was an American poet. From the description of Papers concerning the Kenned...

Bernardino, Minerva (person)

Darrow, Ruby, 1869-1957 (person)

Mackworth, Margaret Haig Thomas, Viscountess Rhondda, 1883- (person)

Berrien, Laura M. (person)

Laura Berrien was treasurer and member of the Executive Council of the National Woman's Party. Florence Bayard Hilles was also a national leader of the National Woman's Party. From the description of Papers, 1944-1948 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232007115 ...

Malone, Dudley Field, 1880- (person)

Pankhurst, Christabel, Dame, 1880-1958 (person)

Christabel Pankhurst was an English-born social activist. Along with her sister Sylvia and her mother Emmeline, she became active in the women's suffrage movement by joining the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies. They later formed the more radical Women's Social and Political Union. She achieved a law degree but was unable to develop a law career because of her gender. She also lived in the United States and was active in the Second Adventist movement. She published works on women's r...

International American Conference (6th : 1928 : Havana, Cuba) (corporateBody)

Chipman, Fanny. (person)

Swing, Betty Gram, 1893-1969. (person)

National Woman's Party (corporateBody)

National organization in the women's rights movement. Founded as the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage in 1916-1917 by Alice Paul. From the description of National Woman's Party records, 1850-1975 (bulk 1913-1972). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70982391 Organizational History 1913 Founding of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage by Alice Paul ...

Miller, Emma Guffey, 1874-1970 (person)

Democratic Party leader (Bryn Mawr, A.B., 1899), Miller helped organize the Pennsylvania Federation of Democratic Women, was a Democratic National Committeewoman from Pennsylvania (1932-1970), official hostess for her brother Joseph F. Guffey, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania (1933-1947), chair of the National Woman's Party (1960-1965), and an advocate of the Equal Rights Amendment. For additional biographical information, see Notable American Women: The Modern Period (1980). From the ...

Conference for the Codification of International Law 1930 : Hague, Netherlands) (corporateBody)

Winsor, Mary, 1869-1956 (person)

Mary Winsor (1869, Haverford, PA-d. Sept. 10, 1956, Philadelphia, PA) was from a prominent family from Haverford. She studied at Bryn Mawr, Radcliff, and the Drexel Institute. Winsor was a militant campaigner for women's suffrage. She became president of the Pennsylvania Limited Suffrage League (1910) and was also involved in the birth control movement. She was jailed several times while protesting suffrage....

Scott, Jeannette, 1864-1937. (person)

International American Conference 1933 : Montevideo, Uruguay) (corporateBody)

League of Nations. Women's Consultative Committee on Nationality. (corporateBody)

International American Conference 1938 : Lima, Peru) (corporateBody)

Marks, Jeannette Augustus, 1875-1964 (person)

Writer, lecturer, educator, and feminist (Wellesley B.A., 1900; M.A. 1903), Marks was a professor of English literature at Mount Holyoke College (1901-1939). From the description of Letters, 1905-1939 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 122407244 Writer, lecturer, educator, and feminist (Wellesley, B.A., 1900, M.A., 1903), Marks was a professor of English literature at Mount Holyoke College (1901-1939), and chairman of the New York State branch of the Nati...

Six Point Group (corporateBody)

Pan American Union (corporateBody)

Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage (U.S.) (corporateBody)