Papers, 1759-1955 (inclusive).


Swanton family. Papers, 1759-1955 (inclusive).

Papers, 1759-1955 (inclusive).

This collection consists mainly of diaries and of correspondence between family members beginning with Margaret Lewis Gay's diary (ca. 1759), entitled "What are the Duties of Wives to their Husbands." The papers of her grandchildren present a view of life in Gardiner, Maine, and Boston, Mass., during the first half of the 19th century and include Laura Gay Davis's letters home from Portugal. The letters of Julia Caroline Deaborn Wingate, a daughter of Margaret Gay and General Henry Dearborn, represent the second generation of the family. The rest of the Gay family correspondence and Olive Gay Worcester's diaries, 1829-1880, provide a picture of domestic, medical, and economic concerns during this period. The Worcester papers consist of letters from Henry Worcester to his brother, Joseph and his wife, and of Olive Gay Worcester's correspondence with her family. The Swanton papers, spanning roughly the years 1850-1925, include the family letters and diary of Mary Olivia Worcester Swanton, the Harvard diary of her son, John Reed Swanton, Class of 1896, and the letters between John and his wife Alice Barnard. John Swanton's letters and Alice Swanton's journals record some of the professional and personal satisfactions and hardships of their life on America's frontiers in the 1900s and 1910s. Also included are the letters Alice wrote daily to John when she did not accompany him on his field trips, a photocopy of John Swanton's autobiography, and genealogies. The papers of Mary Augusta Byram include her diary, family letters, and poems.

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