Fables and other writings / [141-].


Fables and other writings / [141-].

Manuscript collection of texts, written in South Germany in several hands and dating from the second decade of the 15th century. Contains 13 treatises, chiefly religious by various authors including Bonaventura, Aquinas and Alcuin that may have been used in writing sermons; also includes important writings of literary or legal interest. Includes the Fables of Odo of Cheriton, a well-known collection of animal stories popular in the Middle Ages; late antique bestiary called the Physiologus, or Liber de naturalibus animalium; religious treatise in the form of question and answer on the duel and the tournament; religious romance describing a battle between the virtues and vices; also includes a prayer in German to be used against the toothache.

1 v. (156 leaves) ; 23 cm.

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