The theatre in Los Angeles, 1936.


Jensen, Alfred C. The theatre in Los Angeles, 1936.

The theatre in Los Angeles, 1936.

The manuscript, which Alfred Jensen wrote for the Los Angeles Federal Theatre Project, covers the history of theater in the United States and more specifically in Los Angeles. The manuscript includes an appendix listing plays that were performed in Los Angeles, the theater in which they were performed, the opening dates, and duration of the plays. In his history of the theater Jensen specifically talks about the following early American playwrights: William Dunlap, John Howard Payne, John Augustus Stone, Mercy Otis Warren, Hugh H. Brackenridge, and Royall Tyler. Jensen also covers the early history of movies and some of its actors including John Barrymore as well as the development of the Federal Theatre Project.

202 pages, typescript, 28 cm.

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