Correspondence [manuscript]. 1940-1949.


Chifley, J. B. (Joseph Benedict), 1885-1951. Correspondence [manuscript].

Correspondence [manuscript]. 1940-1949.

Correspondence relating to his position as Director of Labour Supply and Regulation (1940). Miscellaneous correspondence (1943-1949). Folders of miscellaneous correspondence (1943-1949). General correspondence from special organisations and persons (1946-1949). Folders of correspondence on "special subjects" (1943-1949). Folders of copies of replies to correspondence maintained by the Private Secretary (1948-1949).

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Chifley, J. B. (Joseph Benedict), 1885-1951 (person)

Politician. Director of Labour Supply and Regulation (1940). Member of the House of Representatives (1928-1931, 1940-1951). Acting Member of the Advisory War Council (1942, 1944). Minister for Post-War Reconstruction (1942-1945); Member of the Food Executive (1943-1945). Acting Prime Minister, 1945 and Prime Minister, 1945-1949. Leader of the Opposition, 1949-1951. From the description of Correspondence [manuscript]. 1940-1949. (Libraries Australia). WorldCat record id: 225851309 ...