Letter [manuscript] : Cadogan Place, S. W. [London] to Miss Brown. 1935 Feb. 10.


Webster, Nesta. Letter [manuscript] : Cadogan Place, S. W. [London] to Miss Brown.

Letter [manuscript] : Cadogan Place, S. W. [London] to Miss Brown. 1935 Feb. 10.

Letter containing comments concerning a book by Zweig on Marie Antoinette and refers to a book by Nesta Wesbster entitled "Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette before the Revolution."

2 p.

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Browne, Miss

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Phelypeaux, Count de Maurepas, was a French statesman and administrator, born in 1701 to Louis XIV's Secretary of State. Phelypeaux served under both Louis XV and Louis XVI, during which time he reformed the French navy and aided in the aristocracy's obstruction of political reform. From the description of 18th century French royal commission, 1759 May 24. (Temple University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 122646282 ...

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Marie Antoinette (b. Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna, Nov. 2 1755, Vienna, Austria–d. Oct. 16, 1793, Paris, France) was the last queen of France. The daughter of Empress Maria Theresa and Francis I, her parents and King Louis XV of France arranged a marrage between her and his grandson, Louis-Auguste, later Louis XVI. They were married May 16, 1770 at Versailles; Marie Antoinette became queen in 1774. Known for her oppulance and lavish spending, she was convicted of high treason during French Revo...

Webster, Nesta

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