Papers [manuscript]. 1909-1935.


Shann, E. O. G. (Edward Owen Giblin), 1884-1935. Papers [manuscript].

Papers [manuscript]. 1909-1935.

A collection of letters written by Edward Shann to his brother Frank Shann, and one notebook. The letters are mostly of four pages each, but some considerably longer. Most are dated 1909 and were written while Professor Shann was in London. They contain many references to family affairs, and much comment on political and economic affairs both in Australia and England, and on university appointments etc. in Australia. There are two additional letters, one from F. A. Warner and one from Sir John McCall. There is also a sepi photograph of Sydney Webb, a list of Shann correspondence, a draft headed "Chapter XXV : an epilogue", university degrees and a copy of an application to Perth University for Professor of History and Economics.

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