Papers of the Woodriff family., 1778-1951. 1778-1951.


Woodriff family. Papers of the Woodriff family., 1778-1951.

Papers of the Woodriff family., 1778-1951. 1778-1951.

Daniel James Woodriff the younger (d. 1865): documents, correspondence with James Norton and others re Penrith estate (1852-1881); family letters (1852-1857); testimonials concerning his work as surveyor in Europe and England. Frederick Daniel Woodriff (d. 1904) - family letters, obituary notice. Capt. Daniel James Woodriff, R.N. (d. 1860) - journal kept as midshipman on HMS Bellerophon (1805); letters concerning Penrith estate, other business affairs (1816-1950). Capt. Daniel Woodriff, R.N. (d. 1842) -documents and letters concerning his naval career, including papers re his command of HMS Calcutta and capture by the French Fleet (1805); Correspondence with James Norton, John Oxley and others re the grant from Gov. King and leasing of Rodley Farm (Penrith) and other business matters, 1804-1937; memoranda concerning timbers of New Zealand and N.S.W. (1804). Includes collection of books published in London 1778-1812, relating to the Royal Navy, travel stories and one vol. of The New Complete Dictionary of Arts and Sciences and also includes published musical tutors and scores from late 1700's early 1800's.

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Capt. Daniel Woodriff, R.N., went to sea in 1762, and in 1804 visited Port Jackson, receiving from Gov. King a grant of land called Rodley Farm, at Penrith N.S.W. (see "Capt. Daniel Woodriff, C.B., R.N." by D.C. Tilghman in The Victorian Historical Magazine, Vol. XXXII, no. 3, Feb. 1962, p. 143-59). Capt. Woodriff's son, Daniel James, took part in the battle of Trafalgar and his son, Daniel James the younger, came to N.S.W. to settle on the Penrith family property, passed to his sons, including ...

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