Charles Wright papers [manuscript], 2003-2005.


Charles Wright papers [manuscript], 2003-2005.

The collection consists chiefly letters, cards and postcards together with a single poetry notebook containing drafts of poetry. Correspondence is chiefly from fellow poets, fans and colleagues. There are also routine letters discussing professional engagements; poems in magazines and anthologies; publication permissions; poetry contests; and recommendtions and evaluations. Correspondents include Chris Agee, Debra Allbery, Michael Anania, Aaron Baker, Lee Bassett, Bruce Beasley, Marvin Bell, Suzette Bishop, James Brasfield, Christopher Buckley, John Casteen, IV, Jennifer Chang, Michael Chitwood, Tony Crunk, Alan DeNiro, Robert D. Denham, Peter Everwine, Jeffrey Christopher Fallis, David Freed, Joseph Garrison, and Elton Glaser. Also Michael Guista, Cathryn Hankla, Henry Hart, Kevin Hart, Richard Harties, Hugh L. Hennedy, Brian Henry, Gill Holland. Garrett Hongo, Jeannette Hopkins, Mark Jarman, Donald Justice, Edmund Keeley, Philip Levine, James Longenbach, Rupert M. Loydell, Lynne McMahon, Gerard Malanga, David Martin, John McKernan, James McMichael and Sue Ann Mead. Also Warren L. Molton, R. B. Morris, Andrew A. Mulvania, Joseph Parisi, Mike Peterson, W. T. Pfefferle, Robert Pinsky, Donald Platt, Alice Quinn, Bobby C. Rogers, Richard Rand, Lex Runciman, John Rybicki, Mary Ann Samyn, Dave Smith, Katherine Smith, David St. John, Mark Strand, Mary Szybist, and Dorothea Tanning. Also Eleanor Ross Taylor, Richard Tillinghast, Chase Twichell, Helen H. Vendler, Rosanna Warren, Dara Wier, Lisa Williams, Chris Wiman, Jonah Winger, Shannon Worrell, Franz Wright, Edith Wylder and Andrew Zawacki. Misellaneous items include an article "Donald Justice" by Mark Strand and one clipping mentioning Wright. The collection also contains a compact disk "That's how every empire falls" by R. B. Morris as performed at the Laurel Theater, Knoxville, 2003.

450 (ca.) items.

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St. John, David, 1949-.... (person)

Guista, Michael (person)

Smith, Katherine T. (person)

Hart, Kevin, 1954- (person)

Kevin Hart was born in London and studied linguistics and philosophy at the Australian National University. He has published four volumes of poetry and is now a Lecturer in English at Deakin University. From the description of Papers of Kevin Hart. 1968-1989. (Libraries Australia). WorldCat record id: 225739916 ...

DeNiro, Alan (person)

Wright, Charles, 1935-.... (person)

American writer; University of Virginia professor. From the description of Improvisations on Montale [manuscript] 1981. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647849384 Pultizer Prize-winning poet and University of Virginia Faculty member in the Department of English. From the description of Papers of Charles Wright, 1965-2000. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 53311232 Charles Wright (1935-), American poet and educator, was born in Pi...

Twichell, Chase, 1950- (person)

Brasfield, James (person)

Bell, Marvin, 1937-.... (person)

Chitwood, Michael (person)

Michael Chitwood is a freelance writer living in Chapel Hill, N.C. He serves as a commentator for WUNC and edits the scientific journal Hypotenuse for the Research Triangle Institute. His two previous works of poetry, Whet (1995) and Salt Works (1992), were published by Ohio Review Books. The Weave Room was published by the University of Chicago Press in 1998. Chitwood was raised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, attended Emory and Henry College, and received a Master of Fine Arts fr...

Peterson, Mike (person)

Agee, Chris (person)

Wiman, Christian, 1966- (person)

Casteen, John Thomas (person)

President of the University of Virginia. From the description of Oral history interview of John Thomas Casteen by Lisa G. Guernsey [manuscript], May 3, 1993. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647919946 ...

Levine, Philip, 1928-.... (person)

American poet and educator Philip Levine, born January 10, 1928, in Detroit, Michigan, was educated at Wayne State University (A.B., 1950) and the University of Iowa (M.F.A., 1957). Born August 2, 1934, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, poet and educator Stephen Berg attended the University of Pennsylvania, Boston University, and the University of Indiana, prior to receiving a B.A. from the State University of Iowa in 1959. Since 1963 Stephen Berg has served on the faculty of Temple University in P...

Loydell, Rupert M. (person)

Everwine, Peter (person)

Wylder, Edith, 1925- (person)

Fallis, Jeffrey Christopher, (person)

Worrell, Shannon (person)

Baker, Aaron, 1971- (person)

Parisi, Joseph, 1944- (person)

Taylor, Eleanor Ross, 1920-2011 (person)

Eleanor Ross Taylor was born in North Carolina in 1920. She graduated from the Woman's College (UNCG) in 1940, and married writer Peter Taylor in 1943. Her first book of poetry, Wilderness of ladies (New York, McDowell) was published in 1960 and includes an introduction by Randall Jarrell. Her second volume of poems, Welcome Eumenides, appeared in 1972 (pub. Braziller); New and selected poems followed in 1983 (Winston-Salem, N.C., Stuart Wright). From the description of Welcome Eumen...

Vendler, Helen Hennessy (person)

Harties, Richard, (person)

Crunk, Tony (person)

Molton, Warren Lane (person)

Quinn, Alice. (person)

Anania, Michael, 1939- (person)

Poet, writer, editor, professor. Born 1939. From the description of Papers, 1950-2008 (University of Chicago Library). WorldCat record id: 318586711 Michael Anania was born on August 5, 1939 in Omaha, Nebraska. His mother, Dora, was born in Germany and his father, Angelo, was born in Omaha to Italian parents. Angelo died of tuberculosis when Anania was nine years old, and his memories of and interest in his father appears throughout his poetry and writing. In De...

Keeley, Edmund. (person)

Edmund ("Mike") Leroy Keeley, author, translator, educator, critic, and administrator, was born in Damascus, Syria, on February 5, 1928, one of three sons of James Hugh Keeley, an American diplomat. He lived in Greece from ages 8 to 11, receiving his primary education in Thessaloniki. In 1939, the family moved to Washington, D. C., where he attended high school. In 1948, Keeley earned a B.A. from Princeton University and was a Fulbright Scholar and a Woodrow Wilson Fellow. The year 1954 began Ed...

Szybist, Mary, 1970- (person)

Buckley, Christopher, 1948- (person)

Hennedy, Hugh L. (person)

Hopkins, Jeannette E. (person)

Hopkins (Vassar College Class of 1944) was an editor. From the description of Jeannette Hopkins papers, 1965-2005. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 51576730 ...

Platt, Donald, 1957- (person)

Rogers, Bobby C. (Bobby Caudle) (person)

Garrison, Joseph Yates, 1948- (person)

McKernan, John. (person)

Hankla, Cathryn, 1958- (person)

Cathryn Hankla was born on March 20, 1958 in the Appalachian Mountains in Richlands, Virginia to Joyce and Alden Hankla. From the age of thirteen her interest in writing was evident as she created a large body of poetry. She continued her interest in writing by working on the school magazine, "Inklings," at Pulaski County High School. After graduating from high school in 1976, she attended Hollins College in Roanoke, Virginia and received a B.A. in English and Film in 1980, and in 1982 she earne...

Denham, Robert David, 1973- (person)

Allbery, Debra, 1957- (person)

Longenbach, James (person)

Strand, Mark, 1934-.... (person)

Jarman, Mark (person)

Zawacki, Andrew, 1972-.... (person)

Pfefferle, W.T. (person)

Hart, Henry, 1954-.... (person)

Henry Walker Hart (1954-), American poet, critic and literary biographer. Hart teaches in the English Department at William and Mary College in Williamsburg, Virginia. In 2000, Hart published a biography of James Dickey, the Southern poet and novelist, entitled JAMES DICKEY: THE WORLD AS A LIE. From the description of James Dickey: The World as a Lie research files, 1990-2005. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 644587143 ...

Henry, Brian, 1972-.... (person)

Holland, Gill, 1964- (person)

Morris, R. Burnet (Reginald Burnet), 1859- (person)

Malanga, Gerard A. (person)

American poet and photographer. Lavin is publisher of Four Zoa Books. From the description of Leaping over gravestones ; [Typed letter signed, to Stu Lavin, 1976] / Gerard Malanga. (University of California, San Diego). WorldCat record id: 18447199 Gerard Joseph Malanga was born on Mar. 20, 1943 in New York City; attended Univ. of Cincinnati, 1960-61, and New School for Social Research, 1961-63; BA, Wagner College, 1964; attended Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, 1972; ...

Wright, Franz, 1953- (person)

Justice, Donald, 1925-2004 (person)

Donald Justice (1925-2004) was an American poet and teacher of writing. From the guide to the Donald Justice Papers, before 1969, (Special Collections Research Center, Syracuse University Libraries) Donald Justice (b. 1925), American poet, was educated at the Universities of Miami, North Carolina and Iowa and taught English and writing at a number of American colleges and universities. His Selected Poems won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1979. Lew...

Beasley, Bruce, 1958- (person)

Bassett, Lee, 1947- (person)

Glaser, Elton (person)

Freed, David, 1936-.... (person)

McMahon, Lynne. (person)

Winter, Jonah (person)

Samyn, Mary Ann, 1970- (person)

Mulvania, Andrew Allen, (person)

Chang, Jennifer, 1976- (person)

Rybicki, John, 1961- (person)

Tanning, Dorothea, 1910-2012 (person)

Painter; New York, N.Y. From the description of Dorothea Tanning interview, 1990 July 11 - 1990 Nov. 5. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 220207872 Tanning, Dorothea, 1910, Painter of New York, N.Y. From the description of Oral history interview with Dorothea Tanning 1990 July 11-Nov. 5. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 646400302 ...

Bishop, Suzette (person)

McMichael, James, 1939-.... (person)

James McMichael, who called himself "Philomath" was a Sergeant of the 2nd Battalion of Miles's Pennsylvania Rifle Regiment, Apr. 22, 1776; 2nd Lieutenant Pennsylvania State Regiment, Apr. 18, 1777; 1st Lieutenant, June 20, 1777; regiment designated 13th Pennsylvania, Nov. 12, 1777; transferred to 7th Pennsylvania, July 1, 1778; transferred to 4th Pennsylvania, Jan. 17, 1781; transferred to 1st Pennsylvania, Jan. 1, 1783; and served to June 3, 1783. From the description of Journal for...

Wier, Dara, 1949- (person)

Smith, Dave, 1942- (person)

Poet Dave Smith (David Jeddie Smith, pseudonym Smith Cornwell) was born in Portsmouth, Virginia, on December 19, 1942. He received his B.A. degree from the University of Virginia in 1965, his M.A. from Southern Illinois University in 1969, and his Ph.D. from Ohio University in 1976. He served in the United States Air Force from 1969-1972, reaching the rank of staff sergeant. Smith began his career as a high school teacher of English and French and football coach in Poquoson High Sch...

Mead, Sue Ann, (person)

Warren, Rosanna (person)

Rosanna Warren, the daughter of Robert Penn Warren and Eleanor Clark, studied painting at Yale, graduating in 1976, then received her M.A. from Johns Hopkins University in writing. She teaches English, translation, and creative writing at Boston University. She has published poetry in literary magazines and a book of poems, Each leaf shines separate, in 1984. From the description of Rosanna Warren letters to William Weaver, 1983-1996. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldC...

Rand, Richard, 1939- (person)

Pinsky, Robert (person)

American poet and literary critic, was born in 1940 in New Jersey. He studied English at Rutgers University (BA, 1962) and Stanford Univeristy (MA and PhD, 1967). He has taught at the University of Chicago (1966-67), Wellesley College (1967-1980), and the Univeristy of California, Berkeley, (1980-present). Since 1979 he has been poetry editor for The new republic. From the description of Robert Pinsky papers, circa 1960-2008. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 462019356 ...

Runciman, Lex (person)

Tillinghast, Richard (person)

Hongo, Garrett Kaoru, 1951- (person)

Martin, David, 1944- (person)

J.H. Sherman was a resident of Carthage, Illinois. From the description of The origin of Mormonism and reminiscences of the Mormons in Illinois / by J.H. Sherman. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 367553346 ...

Williams, Lisa, 1966- (person)