Papers, 1806-1868.


Haviland, John, 1792-1852. Papers, 1806-1868.

Papers, 1806-1868.

Daybooks (Volumes I-XVI) and other bound volumes documenting the architectural career of John Haviland (includes sketches but no full renderings). Some volumes contain biographical and family-related material; for example, Volume XVII contains letters written by Charles and William Wells, the architect's stepsons, during their trip to Russia in 1830-32. Volumes XXIV-XXVI appear to be extracts from the parish registers relating to Poole, county Dorset, with particular references to the personal name "Haviland," dating from 1538. Chronological content: Volume I--1821-1840; Volume II--1827-1840; Volume III--1827-1839; Volume IV--1830-1842; Volume V--1836-1837; Volume VI--1831-1843; Volume VII--1840-1842; Volume VIII--1840-1849; Volume IX--1846-1848; Volume X--1846-1848; Volumes XI-XV--1848-1850; Volume XVI--1835-1836; Volume XVII--1830-1832; Volumes XVIII-XXIII--1806-1825; Volumes XXIV-XXVI--prepared circa 1868.

26 volumes.

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