Jean Dobler papers [manuscript], 1913-1939.


Jean Dobler papers [manuscript], 1913-1939.

The bulk of the papers consists of carbon copies of dispatches Dobler sent from Tokyo, Cologne and Quito to the French Foreign Affairs Ministry, in which he repeatedly and consistently described the growing strength of Hitler. Topics of interest include the impact of Gandhi; the industrialization of Japan; a conversation with Isoroku Yamamoto on the Seiyukai Party; the Nazi's opposition to religion; Naxi anti-Semitism; indoctrination of children from Saar; Hitler youth; preparations for war in the Rhineland; assassination of SA leaders; assassination of Dollfuss; German rearmament and military reoccupation of the Rhineland; German economy and war preparations; the Anit-Cominterm Pact; tariff modifications and the Franco-Ecuadorian Commercial Convention; and enlistment of French nationals and Ecuadorians in the French Army. The collection also contains some correspondence, pamphlets, newsclippings, articles and calling cards. Items of interest include a handwritten copy of "History of the Japanese students' thought movements" by Kenji Sugiyama; a typescript, 1913, of "La veritable pensée de L'Alliance Anglo-Japonaise" by Count Hayashi Tadasu; a copy of Convencion-Neutralidad Maritima, 1928; and letters concerning "Americanismo y Guerra Europea" a pamphlet by Dobler, writing as Mutatis Mutandis, on American neutrality.

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