Papers, 1798-1908.


Papers, 1798-1908.

Includes Papers I-III of author Catharine M. Sedgwick. Primarily contains correspondence with Sedgwick family members, most notably her niece Katharine S. Minot, Sedgwick's parents Theodore and Pamela D. Sedgwick, and her brothers Charles, Robert, and Henry D. (1785-1831); and with contemporary literary figures such as Nathaniel Hawthorne, John G. Whittier, and Julia W. Howe. The subjects of the correspondence include her career as a writer, her works, family matters, the abolitionist movement, Unitarianism, and her social position as a single woman. The papers also include her volumes of reminiscences; diaries (1811-12, 1826-39, 1849-54, and 1857-63) kept in New York City, Stockbridge, and Lenox, Mass. and on trips to New York and Canada (1821) and Europe (1839-40). (Cont'd) Additional correspondents include William Minot, Samuel G. Howe, Elizabeth P. Peabody, Henry W. Bellows, Orville Dewey, William C. Bryant, Susan H. Channing, William E. Channing, Eliza L.C. Follen, Charles Follen, and Anna M. Jameson.

19 boxes and 10 cases.


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Bryant, William Cullen, 1794-1878 (person)

William Cullen Bryant (b. November 3, 1794, Cummington, Massachusetts-d. June 12, 1878, New York, New York), American romantic poet, journalist, and long-time editor of the New York Evening Post....

Howe, Julia Ward, 1819-1910 (person)

Julia Ward Howe, née Julia Ward, (born May 27, 1819, New York, New York, U.S.—died October 17, 1910, Newport, Rhode Island), American author and lecturer best known for her “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Julia Ward came of a well-to-do family and was educated privately. In 1843 she married educator Samuel Gridley Howe and took up residence in Boston. Always of a literary bent, she published her first volume of poetry, Passion Flowers, in 1854; this and subsequent works—including a poetry collec...

Sedgwick, Theodore, 1746-1813 (person)

Theodore Sedgwick (May 9, 1746 – January 24, 1813) was an American attorney, politician and jurist, who served in elected state government and as a Delegate to the Continental Congress, a U.S. Representative, and a United States Senator from Massachusetts. He served as the fourth Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. He was appointed to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in 1802 and served there the rest of his life. Born in West Hartford in the Connecticut Colony, Sedg...

Whittier, John Greenleaf, 1807-1892 (person)

John Greenleaf Whittier was a wildly popular New England poet. A deeply committed and active abolitionist, he wrote many of his poems with a political agenda, although distinguished by an open-minded tolerance so often lacking in his fellow abolitionists. Although his works are somewhat marred by overtly political and overly sentimental works, the core of his output stands as fine, lyrical American verse. From the description of John Greenleaf Whittier letters, 1858 and 1876. (Pennsy...

Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-1864 (person)

Nathaniel Hawthorne, American author. From the description of Nathaniel Hawthorne manuscript material : 1 item, ca. 1853-1857 (New York Public Library). WorldCat record id: 301761440 American author, writer of romances, stories, and juvenile works. Born July 4, 1804, in Salem, Mass.; died May, 1864, in Plymouth, N.H. Sometime resident of Concord, Mass. Graduated from Bowdoin College in 1825. Hawthorne's association with the Boston publishing firm of Ticknor and Fields began ...

Channing, William Ellery, 1780-1842 (person)

William Ellery Channing (1780-1842) graduated from Harvard College in 1798. He served on the board of the Harvard Corporation from 1813 to 1826, where he worked for the establishment of the Divinity School, which occurred in 1816. A Unitarian minister, Channing served as the pastor of the Federal Street Church in Boston from 1803 until his death in 1842. In 1819 he gave the landmark Unitarian sermon, Unitarian Christianity, which upon publication sold thousands of copies. A believer in the aboli...

Sedgwick, Henry D. (Henry Dwight), 1785-1831 (person)

Channing, Susan Higginson. (person)

Peabody, Elizabeth Palmer, 1804-1894 (person)

Elizabeth Palmer Peabody was at the center of the Transcendentalist movement in New England. Although she wrote and published many works, she is best remembered for her support and friendship of Emerson, Hawthorne, Margaret Fuller and many others. She published the journal Dial, founded the famous West Street Book Shop and Publishing House, and introduced kindergarten to America. From the description of Elizabeth Palmer Peabody letters, 1846-1854. (Pennsylvania State University Libra...

Sedgwick, Charles, 1791-1856 (person)

Dewey, Orville, 1794-1882 (person)

Orville Dewey (1794-1882) was born and died in Sheffield, Mass. He graduated from Williams College in 1814, and Andover Seminary in 1819. Shortly after, he became an Unitarian, and served as minister at the following churches: Federal Street Church (Boston, Mass.), 1821-1823; First Church (New Bedford, Mass.), 1822-1833; Second Congregational Church (New York, N.Y.), 1835-1848; New South Church (Boston, Mass.), 1857-1861. Dewey received an honorary D.D. from Harvard in 1839. He was president of ...

Follen, Charles, 1796-1840 (person)

Charles Follen was a German-born educator, preacher, athlete, and reformer. His radical approach to reform in Germany made him unwelcome, and he fled to France, then Sweden, and finally America. During a checkered career at Harvard, he fomented a spirit of rebellion among students, taught wildly popular courses on German language and literature (the first such courses at Harvard), and incidentally introduced gymnastics to the school. After leaving Harvard, he was ordained as a Unitarian minister...

Sedgwick family. (family)

Minot, Katharine Sedgwick, 1820-1880. (person)

Jameson, Anna Murphy. (person)

Bellows, Henry W. (Henry Whitney), 1814-1882 (person)

Unitarian minister; President, United States Sanitary Commission during the Civil War. From the description of Henry W. Bellows letters, 1861-1863. (Columbia University in the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 62754818 New York City resident and Unitarian clergyman. From the description of Letter, 1844. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 31526778 Henry Whitney Bellows (1814-1882) was born in Boston and received a B.A. from Harvard Colleg...

Sedgwick, Catharine Maria, 1789-1867 (person)

Catharine Maria Sedgwick was an American novelist. From the description of Catharine Maria Sedgwick letters and portraits, 1837-1855. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 35155329 American author, pioneered the American domestic novel. From the description of Papers of Catharine Maria Sedgwick, 1801-1865 (bulk 1834-1865). (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 32136087 American author. From the description of ...

Minot, William, d. 1894. (person)

Sedgwick, Robert, 1787-1841 (person)

Sedgwick, Pamela Dwight, d. 1807. (person)

Howe, S. G. (Samuel Gridley), 1801-1876 (person)

Physician, reformer, and husband of Julia Ward Howe. From the description of Papers, 1868. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 46344998 Humanitarian crusader for many causes including Greek freedom, education for the disabled, prison reform, abolition, and black suffrage, Howe founded the Perkins School for the Blind and was the chairman of the Massachusetts Board of State Charities. When just out of the Harvard Medical School, he went to Greece as an army surgeon...

Follen, Eliza Lee Cabot, 1787-1860 (person)

Author and abolitionist. From the description of Eliza Lee Cabot Follen correspondence, 1859. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79450292 Follen, antislavery worker and author of children's stories, lived in Boston, Mass. From the description of Letters, 1843-1846 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232007293 Bostonian; primarily children's writer; also wrote some adult fiction; wrote biography of her husband; worked actively in antislaver...