Ian Hamilton Finlay correspondence, 1962-1969. M-R. 1962-1969.


Finlay, Ian Hamilton,. Ian Hamilton Finlay correspondence, 1962-1969. M-R.

Ian Hamilton Finlay correspondence, 1962-1969. M-R. 1962-1969.

Unpublished correspondence, some with original poetry, from various poets and others to Finlay, covering the years 1962-1969. The letters are a composite collection dealing chiefly with contemporary and avant-garde poetry, art movements, and with the addressee in his capacity as publisher of Wild Hawthorn Press.

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Ian Hamilton Finlay (1925-2006) was a Scottish poet, writer, artist and gardener. Much of his work on paper was issued through his own Wild Hawthorne Press, which he founded in 1964. From the description of Collection of printed material from Wild Hawthorn Press, 1977-1990. (University of Illinois-Chicago Library). WorldCat record id: 301555191 Scottish concrete poet and garden designer, born 1925. From the description of Thonier : watercolor print, nd. (Unknown)...

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Sir Herbert Edward Read was a poet, art critic and champion of modern art in Britain. He produced approximately 1,150 titles on a broad range of topics. His 80 monographs include: 26 on art and artists; 14 on literary criticism; 13 collections of poetry; 10 on politics, primarily on anarchism; 7 on "belles lettres" and biography; 5 on education, most notably "Education Through Art"; and 5 autobiographies. From the description of Sir Herbert Edward Read fonds. [1918-1965]. (University...

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