Johnny Mercer paintings reproduction collection.


Johnny Mercer paintings reproduction collection.

The collection consists of photographic copies of 1 manuscript and 25 original watercolor paintings by Johnny Mercer. The copies were made with digital and analog photography. Color reference prints are available for research.

.25 linear ft.

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Mercer, Johnny (person)

Johnny Mercer (1910-1976) was born John H. Mercer in Savannah, Georgia, the son of George Anderson Mercer. He was educated in Savannah public schools and at Woodberry Forest School in Virginia. He worked with his father in the real estate loan business before heading to New York in 1929 with the Savannah Town Theater group for a National Little Theater contest. He remained in New York to try for a stage career. He became a well-known lyricist and moved to California, where he produced many hit s...