Ginger Mercer collection, circa 1960-1983; undated


Ginger Mercer collection, circa 1960-1983; undated

The Ginger Mercer collection contains personal items owned by the Mercer family, including two sailor caps, one LP, one shako, and one framed book jacket. The two sailor caps belonged to the late Johnny Mercer, and the LP "Two of a Kind" features Mercer and Bobby Darin. The West Point shako was given to Johnny Mercer by Johnny Mercer McClellan, whose father named him after Mercer after meeting Mercer while in the armed forces during World War II. The framed book jacket reads "Our Huckleberry Friend: The Life, Times, and Lyrics of Johnny Mercer," and lists the names of Bob Bach, Ginger Mercer, and Lyle Stuart.

2 linear ft.

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Johnny Mercer (1910-1976) was born John H. Mercer in Savannah, Georgia, the son of George Anderson Mercer. He was educated in Savannah public schools and at Woodberry Forest School in Virginia. He worked with his father in the real estate loan business before heading to New York in 1929 with the Savannah Town Theater group for a National Little Theater contest. He remained in New York to try for a stage career. He became a well-known lyricist and moved to California, where he produced many hit s...

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