Davis family papers, 1876-2007 and undated.


Davis family papers, 1876-2007 and undated.

The collection includes photograph albums, loose photographs, and writings documenting the history of the African American Davis family in Hampton, Virginia from the 1930s to the 1950s as well as family members at later points; it also includes materials related to family history and genealogy that span the period from 1876 to the 1920s. Family members featured within the collection include William Roscoe Davis, Andrew Davis, Arthur P. Davis, Sr., Georgia Campbell Neal, Willie Louise Barbour Davis, Collis H. Davis, Sr., Georgia Louise Davis, Jennie Crosby Davis, Collis H. Davis, Jr., Thulani Davis, Anthony Davis, and Charles Sumner Stone, Jr. (Chuck). Educational institutions attended by family members and documented in the collection include Colby College, Fryeburg Academy, George P. Phenix School, and the Hampton Institute.

1500 items.

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Hampton Institute (Va.)

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Hampton Institute in Hampton, Virgina, also know as the Normal School, chartered in 1870. From the description of Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute ephemera, 1882-1903 and undated. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 639344721 The Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute was chartered in 1870 in Hampton, Virginia. From the guide to the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute ephemera, 1882-1903 and undated, (David M. Rubenstein Rare Book ...

Neal, Georgia Campbell.

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Fryeburg Academy (Fryeburg, Me.)

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Davis, Collis H., Jr.

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George P. Phenix School (Hampton, Va.)

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Davis, Arthur P., Sr.

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Colby College

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Davis, Thulani

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Thulani Davis (1948-) is an African American journalist, poet, playwright, and novelist. She graduated from Barnard College, and attended graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University. In addition to articles in periodicals such as the VILLAGE VOICE, NATION, NEW YORK TIMES, and WASHINGTON REVIEW, she has published several anthologies of her poems, a play, the libretto for an opera, and several novels, including 1959 and the MAKER OF SAINTS. From the descri...

Davis, Anthony R., 1960-....

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Davis, Collis H., Sr.

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Davis, Andrew.

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Andrew Davis's interest in the city of Jedwabne, Poland, stems from familial ties to the town. His grandfather emigrated to the United States from Jedwabne in 1888. However, the town is most infamous for a massacre of its Jews committed by Polish civilians in July 1941. This crime was the subject of the book Neighbors, by Jan Gross. Davis has also engaged in the study of this massacre, and over several years has collected research materials related to Jedwabne. In July 2001, Davis was invited to...

Davis family.

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The Davis family, originally of Hampton, Virginia, is a prominent African-American family whose members include authors, journalists, photographers, filmmakers, composers, and educators who have made significant contributions to American history and culture. From the description of Davis family papers, 1876-2007 and undated. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 191749288 ...

Davis, William Roscoe.

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Davis, Louise (Vocalist)

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Stone, Chuck

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Charles Sumner Stone, Jr., is a political writer, analyst, commentator, and Walter Spearman Professor of Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. From the description of Chuck Stone papers, 1931-2007 and undated. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 166275182 ...

Davis, Billie Louise Barbour.

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