Selman A. Waksman papers, 1916-1977.


Selman A. Waksman papers, 1916-1977.

Selman A. Waksman, a Rutgers University professor of Microbiology, is best known for the discovery of streptomycin. His papers include materials related to his work as a microbiologist, publications by and about him, patent litigation and patent royalty files, which include litigation brought about by Albert Schatz regarding the discovery of streptomycin. They also include photographs, notebooks kept by his secretaries, and memorabilia commemorating his career and his contributions to science.

60.5 manuscript boxes, 4 record cartons, 5 flat boxes of memorabilia, 25 flat boxes of scrapbooks, 4 film canisters, 3 flat oversize boxes (one containing transcription discs), 4 framed items.


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Rutgers University

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