Publications, newsclippings, photographs. 1872-1976 (bulk 1904-1943).


Massachusetts. Division of Savings Bank Life Insurance. Publications, newsclippings, photographs. 1872-1976 (bulk 1904-1943).

Publications, newsclippings, photographs. 1872-1976 (bulk 1904-1943).

Series consists of documents and publicity items--newspaper clippings, advertisements, publications and brochures, legislation, drafts and published articles, photographs, speeches and radio addresses reflecting efforts by founders, staff, and others documenting the origins and development of SBLI, its mission and administration. Organized in the following units. (Boxes 1-10) Newsclippings, 1908-1966 (bulk 1908-1933). Chiefly in volumes indexed by locality and numbered 13, 15-39--articles and bank advertisements relating to SBLI, with accounts of speeches by Brandeis, Grady, and other SBLI staff. (Boxes 11-15) Scrapbooks/orderbooks, 1907-1923. Sample forms, stationery, business cards, policy certificates, flyers, brochures, bank applications, and bankbooks, kept to facilitate ordering of printing jobs. (Box 16) Brandeis publications, 1904-1912. Typescripts of articles and speeches, some in draft form, and printed versions. (Boxes 17-18) SBLI publications, 1905-1976. Includes those by the League/Council and member banks--promotional brochures and pamphlets, annual reports and surveys, surrender value books, agency handbooks, 1947 SBLI history, 1910-1914 newsletter, legislation. Reprints of articles by Brandeis, Grady, and Casady. (Boxes 19-20) Publications, 1872-1971 (bulk 1907-1943). Banking and insurance industry and U.S. government items. Includes reprints of articles by SBLI staff, criticisms of SBLI, reports on proposed similar program in New York State, adopted 1938. (Box 21) Radio broadcasts, 1933, 1936-1938, 1940. Regular promotional and commemorative messages on local stations. (Box 22) Brandeis tributes, 1941-1957. Letters, addresses, and Brandeis University brochures, chiefly at Brandeis's death in 1941 and his centennial in 1957. (Box 23) Photographs, ca. 1880-ca. 1940. Source images for publications, depicting member banks, manufacturing establishments, representative policyholders, and SBLI lecturers and staff, including Grady. (Folder 24) Broadsides and oversized publications, 1906-1911.

Containers 1-23 16.76 cubic ft. (10 doc. boxes, 2 boxes, 11 record center cartons)Container 24 1 folder : 50 x 60 cm.

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