Oral history interview with Frank N. Graass, 1965.


Oral history interview with Frank N. Graass, 1965.

Tape-recorded and transcribed interviews, January 28 and 29, 1965, with Frank N. Graass, Sturgeon Bay, Wis., concerning the Conservation Act of 1927 in Wisconsin, his work with the Conservation Commission and the Izaak Walton League, the establishment of state and local parks, conservation education, pollution, white pine blister rust, and personalities in the history of conservation in Wisconsin. Interviewed by Dennis East of the Historical Society staff.

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Izaak Walton League of America

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The Izaak Walton League was founded in 1922 by sportsmen concerned over the declining wildlife populations. Named after the 17th century British naturalist, the League is devoted to protecting the resources of the natural environment for the use and benefit of both people and wildlife. As one of the earliest conservation organizations, the League set an aggressive course to defend wild America by changing public policy. From the description of Izaak Walton League records, 1902-1996, ...

Graass, Frank N., 1885- .

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East, Dennis

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A State Conservation Commission was first established by Chapter 644, Laws of 1911, as an uncompensated advisory body. The functions of the Board of Forestry (WIHV95-A528), the Fish and Game Warden, the State Park Board (WIHV95-A527), and the Commissioners of Fisheries (WIHV87-A1630) were consolidated and vested in a new State Conservation Commission under Chapter 406, Laws of 1915. Initially, the full-time commissioners exercised responsibility both for policy-making and for the administration ...