Letters, 1744-1756.


Letters, 1744-1756.

This is a collection of drafts of letters written by Dutour to Abbé Jean Antoine Nollet. Dutour describes his various experiments on the influence of flame on electricity, as well as with luminous barometers. There is information relative to eighteenth-century scientific apparatus, as well as to contemporary scientists, such as Giambatista Beccaria, Francois de Cisternay Du fay, Dortous de Mairan, Petrus von Musschenbroek, and René Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur.

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Dutour, Etienne-Francois, 1711-1784

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Etienne Francois Dutour was a French physicist and theologian. From the description of Letters, 1744-1756. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 173466273 From the guide to the Étienne Francois Dutour letters, 1744-1756, 1744-1756, (American Philosophical Society) ...

Mairan, Dortous de, 1678-1771

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Réaumur, René-Antoine Ferchault de, 1683-1757

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Réaumur was a French physicist and naturalist. From the guide to the Manuscripts and illustrations for Descriptions des arts et métiers, 1721-1787., (Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University) Réaumur was a French physicist and naturalist. Duhamel du Monceau was a French botanist, agriculturist and physicist. Fougeroux, the nephew of Duhamel, was a French physiologist and archaeologist. From the description of Manuscripts and illustrations fo...

Nollet, abbé (Jean Antoine), 1700-1770.

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Du fay, Charles-Francois de Cisternay, 1698-1739.

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Beccaria, Giambatista, 1716-1781

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Giambatista (aka. Giovanni Battista) Beccaria, a professor of experimental physics, taught at the University of Turin. From the guide to the Ex Phisicis Institutionibus, 1769, 1769, (American Philosophical Society) Croation by birth, mathematian and natural philosopher, Rudjer Josip Boskovic spent most of his life in Rome and Milan, but also lived briefly in Paris and London. From the guide to the Ruggero Giuseppe Boscovich papers, [ca. 1730-1786], Circa 1730-178...

Musschenbroek, Petrus ˜vanœ 1692-1761

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