Teagle-Lee Papers, 1808-1884.


Teagle-Lee Papers, 1808-1884.

Family letters and papers of James Lee and his nephews, Edwin A. and Edward, Jr., the sons of Edward Teagle, all of Williamsburg, Virginia. Personal letters include one from Gilbert Cassard refusing Edwin permission to marry his daughter; a religious exhortation from Edwin to his father, Edward, Sr.; a discussion of Edward, Sr.'s estate and Edwin's projected trip to North Africa;and a letter from William H.S. Teagle concerning the deed to the George Reid House, Williamsburg. In addition, there are recommendations of Edward Teagle as an accountant or clerk, signed by Dabney Browne, Richard Coke, Jr., R. McCandlish, John Page, and Robert Saunders; various accounts including estate accounts; and a notebook belonging to Edward, Sr., of miscellaneous notes in French and English, with long lists of clothes and household linens, and accounts for the hiring out of slaves.

13 items and 1 volume ; 32 cm. and smaller.

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Page, John Hinton

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Teagle, Edward, d. 1833.

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None available. From the guide to the Robert Saunders letter, 1851 August 11, (John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Library, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation) ...

George Reid House (Williamsburg, Va.)

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Coke, Richard, 1790-1851.

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Teagle, Edward.

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Teagle, Edwin A.

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Browne, Dabney.

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