Berchtesgaden Military Intelligence Records, 1945-1950.


Berchtesgaden Military Intelligence Records, 1945-1950.

Typed transcripts of interviews with, statements from, or reports on family and staff of Adolf Hitler, including Fritz Goernnert (assistant to Hermann Göring), Franz Brandenburg and Willy Lau (Göring's guards), Christa Schroeder (Hitler's personal secretary), Paula Wolf (Hitler's sister), Angela Hammitzsch (Hitler's half-sister), Theodor Morell (Hitler's personal physician), Erich Kempka (Hitler's chauffeur), Günther Mannertz (member of SS), Heinrich Doose (member of Waffen-SS and driver), Percy Schramm (head compiler of the war journal of the German High Command Operational Staff), Erwin Nagel (German soldier in convicts detachment), and Heinz Buchholz (member of stenographic service of Hitler's headquarters). Also included are transcribed excerpts from stenographic notebooks of Hitler's secretaries, as well as transcribed and re-constructed records of Hitler's daily military conferences, December 1942 to March 1945 [incomplete]. The collection contains three essays in English by George Allen concerning the provenance of the records, as well as galley proofs, page proofs, and typescripts of four versions of Felix Gilbert's book, Hitler Directs His War (1950), with a foreword by Allen.

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Lau, Willy. (person)

Morell, Theodor Gilbert, 1886-1948 (person)

Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945 (person)

Chancellor of Germany. From the description of Papers of Adolf Hitler, 1938-1957. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79450921 As a result of an unsuccessful assassination attempt on July 20 1944, Adolf Hitler suffered ruptured eardrums from the detonation of an explosive device. The radiographs under reference are reported to have been produced subsequent to these events. From the description of Radiographs : Adolf Hitler. [1944-1970] (New York Academy of Medicine)....

Brandenburg, Franz. (person)

Doose, Heinrich, 1912- (person)

Nagel, Erwin 1931- (person)

Allen, George R. (George Rankin), 1919-1998 (person)

During World War II Allen served in the 101st Airborne Division of the United States Army as an interrogator of prisoners of war. In 1945 he was assigned to the Counter-Intelligence Corps detachment of his division. In May of that year he was sent to Berchtesgaden, the site of a favored retreat of Hitler and a key site in Nazi operations. From the description of Berchtesgaden Military Intelligence Records, 1945-1950. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 166478834...

Buchholz, Heinz (person)

United States. Army. Airborne Division, 101st. Counter-Iintelligence Corps. (corporateBody)

Mannertz, Günther. (person)

Gilbert, Felix, 1905-1991 (person)

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Göring, Hermann, 1893-1946 (person)

Reichsmarschall of Germany, 1940-1945. From the description of Hermann Göring interrogation transcript, 1946. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754866992 Göring was born in Prussia in 1893. Attended School of Cadets and in 1912 served with 4. Baden Infantry Regiment and the Prince Wilhelm no. 112 Regiment (1913-14). Became a flight observer with Reconnaissance Flight Detachment 25 (1914-15). Was trained as a pilot, wounded in battle of Somme (1916) and reassigned to a Pursuit...

Wolf, Paula, 1896-1960 (person)

Kempka, Erich (person)

Hammitzsch, Angela, 1883-1949. (person)

Schramm, Percy Ernst, 1894-1970 (person)

Goernnert, Fritz. (person)

Schroeder, Christa, 1908-1984 (person)