Correspondence with Alma Mahler and Adolf Klarmann, 1951-1974.


Correspondence with Alma Mahler and Adolf Klarmann, 1951-1974.

Concerns matters of copyright and royalty payments for works of Franz Werfel, on behalf of Alma Mahler, as well as copyright and publishing matters pertaining to Adolf Klarmann's edited volumes of Werfel's collected works.

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Guggenheim acted as a literary agent for Alma Mahler and also mediated in publishing matters on behalf of Adolf Klarmann. Koretz was at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures; Ninon Tallon Karlweis was a literary agent; Lotsch was an editor at S. Fischer Verlag; Jacoby was an attorney; Bús-Fekete was a dramatist of works by Franz Werfel; Kaplan was the head of the book sectionin the Examining Division at the Library of Congress; Struckmeyer was an editor at Langen-Müller-Verlag. From the des...

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Kaplan, Marcia. (person)

Jacoby, Herbert P. (person)

Bús-Fekete, László, 1896-1971 (person)

Bús-Fekete was a dramatist who wrote an English-language stage version of Franz Werfel's novel Der veruntreute Himmel (Embezzled Heaven) and wrote a dramatization of Werfel's novel Der Abituriententag. Pauker and Guggenheim acted as literary agents for Alma Mahler; Bermann Fischer was Franz Werfel's publisher; Fay was listed as a co-writer with Bús-Fekete on the dramatization of Werfel's novel Der veruntreute Himmel (Embezzled Heaven) and was a signer on a contract with Herzog Filmverein; the ...

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Struckmeyer, Bernhard (person)

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Gottfried Bermann Fischer became Franz Werfel's publisher in 1938. Bermann-Fischer Verlag and Bermann-Fischer/Querido Verlag were publishing enterprises established by Bermann Fischer during his exile from Germany and in the immediate postwar period; they were eventually superceded by S. Fischer Verlag, which Bermann Fischer reestablished in Germany in 1950. S. Fischer Verlag subsequently presided over the German publishing rights to Werfel's works. Frisch held an editorial position at Bermann-F...