Feather arts exhibition photographs, 1980.


Feather arts exhibition photographs, 1980.

Photographs of the exhibition, including installation, objects (from Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe, and America), and Director Dr. Thomas Nicholson and Frank Perdue at the show. Also shown is Sally Rand, a fan dancer, performing at the Museum. Photographs were taken by Joseph M. Sedacca, head of the Museum's Exhibition and Graphics Dept., Harold R. Walters, and Arthur Singer. Photographs are identified.

123 photonegatives : b&w.123 photoprints : b&w.22 transparencies : col. ; 35 mm.

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Sedacca, Joseph M.

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Perdue, Frank

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Singer, Arthur 1870-1931

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Nicholson, Thomas D.

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Walters, Harold L. (Harold Laurence), 1918-1984

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Rand, Sally, 1904-1979

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