Papers, 1944-1974.


Rindge, Frederick H., 1921-1996. Papers, 1944-1974 (bulk 1949-1970)

Papers, 1944-1974.


Extensive correspondence files reflecting Rindge's professional activities in Lepidoptera. His correspondence with numerous professionals, amateurs, collectors, and donors pertains to his research interests and publications, identification of specimens, acquisition of specimens to build the Museum's Lepidoptera collection, exchange of scientific information, and other curatorial responsibilities such as loans and related matters. His many correspondents in the United States and worldwide include James H. Baker, 1939-1969; Ceslau M. de Biezanko, 1952-1970; A. Blanchard, 1958-1970; F. Martin Brown, 1950-1970; Harry K. Clench, 1946-1970; Charles V. Covell, 1960-1970; Cyril F. dos Passos, 1949-1970; Paul Ehrlich, 1945-1971; Douglas Ferguson, 1952-1970; Richard M. Fox, 1949-1969; D.S. Fletcher, 1949-1970; John G. Franclemont, 1949-1970; H.A. Freeman, 1950-1970; Paul L. Grey, 1952-1970; David F. Hardwick, 1950-1970; Bernard Heineman, 1949-1970; Marianna Ibarra, 1957-1968; Charles P. Kimball, 1949-1970; Carl W. Kirkwood, 1951-1971; Lloyd M. Martin, 1949-1970; Bryant Mather, 1949-1971; James H. McDunnough, 1949-1962; Eugene G. Munroe, 1949-1970; Nicholas S. Obraztsov; J.C.E. Riotte; Edward L. Todd, 1958-1968; and Kent W. Wilson. In addition, grant proposals and evaluations submitted to the National Science Foundation; and other correspondence concerning his role as President of the Lepidopterists' Society, 1965-1966.

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Rindge, Frederick H. (Frederick Hastings), 1921-1996 (person)

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