Papers, 1875-1961, 1875-1909 (bulk)


Remington, Frederic, 1861-1909. Papers, 1875-1961, 1875-1909 (bulk)

Papers, 1875-1961, 1875-1909 (bulk)

Original correspondence of Remington includes letters to Poultney Bigelow, personal friend and author whose articles Remington illustrated, 1891-1904, concerning their magazine work, political comments, travel and work arrangements; letters to John Howard, friend and business confidant in Ogdensburg, 1898-1909, concerning his visits to the North Country, property at Chippewa Bay, his health, and other personal news; letters to his wife Eva Adele Caten Remington, primarily written from the American West, 1888-1906; letters to Herbert Foster Gunnison, 1888-1909; and letters to family and friends including S.P. Remington, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Sackrider, Alvin H. Sydenham, and Julian Ralph, 1875-1909. Other correspondence includes Eva Remington's letters to Herbert Foster Gunnison, the Sackrider family, Louis Shipman, and others, 1888-1914; and Poultney Bigelow to Gunnison about Frederic Remington, 1928. Other items include photographs, clippings, articles, and exhibit catalogs, 1897-1961; and transcripts of the Remington letters at the Remington Art Museum, including letters from William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill), Rudyard Kipling, Theodore Roosevelt, Julian Ralph, A.B. Hepburn, and Leonard Wood, 1877-1909.

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Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936 (person)

Joseph Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936) was an English author and poet. His best-known works include the novels and short story collections The Jungle Book (1894), Just So Stories (1902), Puck of Pook's Hill (1906), and Kim (1901), as well as a number of poems such as "Mandalay" (1890), "Gunga Din" (1890), and "If-" (1910). Kipling was born in Bombay, India, into an artistic family: his father was a sculptor, pottery designer, and professor of architectural sculpture and tw...

Remington, Seth Pierre, 1834-1880. (person)

Remington, Eva Adele Caten, 1859-1918. (person)

Wood, Leonard, 1860-1927 (person)

General (GEN) Leonard Wood was stationed at Headquarters, Eastern Department, Governor's Island, NY on 16 November 1914. From the description of Leonard Wood papers, 1914. (US Army, Mil Hist Institute). WorldCat record id: 61241654 Leonard Wood was a physician who served as Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army (1910-1914), military governor of Cuba (1899-1902) and Governor-General of the Philippines (1921-1927). His son Osborne (sometimes spelled Osborn) at the time of this lette...

Gunnison, Herbert F. (Herbert Foster), 1858-1932 (person)

Sackrider family. (family)

Sydenham, Alvin H. (person)

Howard, John H., 1940-.... (person)

Ralph, Julian, 1853-1903 (person)

Julian Ralph believed he was born to be a newspaperman; his years of acclaimed work with the elite New York Sun reinforce his faith. Ralph covered the major events of his day with distinction, using resourceful investigative skill, personal integrity, and a gift for sketching scenes with words to be acclaimed the "Newspaperman's newspaperman." From the description of Julian Ralph story fragment, ca. 1848. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 51464338 ...

Sackrider, Horace D. (person)

Buffalo Bill, 1846-1917 (person)

Buffalo Bill was employed as a scout by the United States 5th Cavalry, 1868-1872. In 1869 he participated in the Battle of Summit Springs, Colorado, in which the 5th Cavalry defeated Cheyenne Indians. From the description of Letter : Saint Louis, Missouri, to Joseph Witherspoon Cook, Greenwood, South Dakota, 1896 May 23. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702162229 From the description of Letter : Saint Louis, Mo., to Joseph Witherspoon Cook, Greenwood, S.D., 1896 May 23. (Unkno...

Remington, Frederic, 1861-1909 (person)

Frederic Remington was born October 4, 1861 in Canton, New York. He was educated at the Vermont Episcopal Institute and attended Yale University. He worked as a cowboy, scout, and ran a sheep and mule ranch in the west. He married Eva Caten on October 1, 1884. Remington was a painter, sculptor and illustrator of Indians, cowbnoys and the American soldier at war. His travels took him to Germany, Russia, North Africa, Cuba and all over North America. Frederic Remington died December 26, 1909 in Ne...

Frederic Remington Art Museum (Ogdensburg, N.Y.) (corporateBody)

Shipman, Louis Evan, 1869-1933 (person)

Louis Evan Shipman was a playwright and author. He attended Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Columbia University and Harvard University. From the guide to the Louis Evan Shipman papers, ca. 1859-1933., (Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University) Playwright, novelist and editor of Life (1922-1924), Louis Evan Shipman's most sucessful play was probably D'ARCY OF THE GUARDS (1901). Other titles include THE CRISIS, THE CROSSING, ON PAROLE, THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUT...

Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919 (person)

Roosevelt, 26th U.S. president, served 1901-1909. From the description of DS, 1904 March 1. : Washington, D.C. Homestead Certificate. (Copley Press, J S Copley Library). WorldCat record id: 15210791 26th president of the United States, 1901-1909. From the description of Theodore Roosevelt letters, 1917, 1918. (Buffalo History Museum). WorldCat record id: 213408920 Roosevelt was then Governor of New York. Chapman was one of the founders of the New York St...

Bigelow, Poultney, 1855-1954 (person)

Poultney Bigelow (b. September 10, 1855, New York City-d. May 28, 1954, Malden-on-Hudson, New York), was the son of John Bigelow, American Ambassador to France under Abraham Lincoln. He grew up in France, and also in Germany, where he became friends with Prince William, later emperor of Germany. Bigelow studied at Yale University, and began practicing law, but was more interested in politics and writing. He is perhaps best remembered as a journalist. He was editor of Outing magazine and later co...

Remington family. (family)

Hepburn, A. Barton (Alonzo Barton), 1846-1922 (person)

A. Barton Hepburn was born July 24, 1846 in Colton, New York and died January 25, 1922 in New York City after being struck by a bus. He was educated in Colton, St. Lawrence Academy in Potsdam, and Middlebury College in Vermont. He was a lawyer, legislator, head of the Railway Committee of 1879, served as Superintendent to the Banking Deparment of the State of New York, US Bank Examiner, Comptroller of Currency, and with Chase National. He was benefactor to Hepburn Hospital in Ogdensburg, New Yor...