Rabbi Herbert S. Goldstein papers, 1935-1959.


Rabbi Herbert S. Goldstein papers, 1935-1959.

Requests from Joint Distribution Committee for aid to East European Yeshivas, 1937-1940; reports on conditions in Poland and Lithuania, 1937-1940; lists of students in Jewish Schools in Poland and Lithuania, 1937-1939; correspondence concerning National Jewish Welfare Board activities for Jewish servicemen, 1942-1947, League for Safeguarding the Fixity of the Sabbath, 1944-1948, Rabbinical Council of America,1939-1951, Yemenite and Sephardic yeshiva relief work, 1943-1950, refugee work, and state enforcement of standard of kashrut, 1938-1953; and texts of broadcasts by Rabbi Goldstein on RCA radio, 1935-1939.

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