William Wilson papers, 1800-1869.


Wilson, William, 1799-1871. William Wilson papers, 1800-1869.

William Wilson papers, 1800-1869.

Collection documents Wilson's professional relationships with the scientific community of his era, especially those seeking his expertise in identification of specimens.

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William Wilson (1799-1871) was a British bryologist noted for his work, Bryologia Britannica ... (1855). He collaborated with Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker on Musci Antarctici (1839-1843) . He was born 7 June 1799 in Warrington, England and died 3 April 1871 in Paddington, near Warrington. From the description of William Wilson papers 1800-1869. (New York Botanical Garden). WorldCat record id: 44262242 William Wilson (1799-1871) was a British bryologist noted for his work, Bryolo...

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James de Carle Sowerby was a natural-history illustrator, naturalist, author, and entrepreneur, and the secretary of the Royal Botanic Society. JDCS and his extended family produced independent works and journals, learned-societies' journals, and illustrations for other scientists. From the guide to the Papers of the Sowerby family of scientific illustrators., 1826-1865, (University of Kansas Kenneth Spencer Research Library Department of Special Collections) ...